How To Setup KMS (Key Management Server) For Activating Windows 10

On this video I show you guys how to setup your KMS (Key Management Server) within Windows Server 2012 R2, so you can activate Windows 10 machines.

By the way, I still waiting for my Windows 10 KMS key, so once that comes in I will continue this video and show you how to test the KMS server configuration.

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  1. James says:

    Explain the difference between AD and KMS Server activation. Explain benefits of using creds (optional). Pointless video and so much missed. You need to go through complete steps otherwise dont make a video

  2. 8472 IT says:

    Lol you showed nothing in your video.

  3. Benjamin Williams says:

    this is still a good video

  4. Eslam Elfekey says:

    thanks dear

  5. Sven Wagemakers says:

    Does anyone know what the costs are for kms. I can't find this answer on google neither on the tech site from Microsoft and for an answer I need a business email account planning to make one but I am wondering how much?

  6. Justin R. says:

    Can you add KMS to the same server running SCCM used for Windows 10 deployments? Are there any issues I might run into?

  7. Lucas Campos says:

    Do we have some kind of KMS Host Evaluation key? So I can create a lab on Hyper-V for tests and automatically register all my guests on a evaluation period?

  8. Dyerxmaker says:

    I just randomly typed kms nd this came up, lmao

  9. Stephen Smith says:

    Does a KMS Host key have to be purchased for a specific number of clients?

  10. Seattle Rain says:

    thanks btnhd – love your videos. Totally helpful and to the point.

  11. IvanGames3D says:

    Didn't work, I'm still alive

  12. Bob Bob says:

    i looked up how to kms and this showed up

  13. honest review says:

    HI thanks for the video – I already have win 10,8,7,8.1 kms host keys installed now if i want to add office 2013 host keys i need to do the same process – will it over write my win 10,8,7,8.1 keys?

  14. patrick soler says:

    Like the format. Keep up server 2012 vids

  15. Evan Tigchelaar says:

    Where can I buy a KMS host key?

  16. Judy Michelle Radwanski says:

    Do you have any suggestions on how to move Keys from a 2008 r2 server to the 2012 to activate Windows 7 and before OS?

  17. anand kumardeva says:

    Thanks for the videos

  18. Berczi Balazs says:

    Hi, Microsoft VLSC web page is contain your company related KMS host keys. I dont like this video, becuase I would be interested about the next steps with slmgr command line tools, DNS records, and other required setup steps..

  19. Cristiano Morais says:

    Your videos are very good! thank you! What software do u use to make your videos and record both you and the screen? Thanks!

  20. Isaac Jones says:

    How do you get a KMS key to try out

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