How To Install Minecraft FOR FREE!! (Multiplayer & 1.12) [TeamExtreme Launcher]


  1. chris 21773 says:

    for me it says Failed to log in: Invalid Session (Try restarting your game and the minecraft launcher) i have tried dozens of known servers and even the one you showed of in the video I dont know how to full restart my launcher could you please help

  2. Super Gamer says:

    you made me brake my computer by slapping it

  3. BNHA DABI says:

    are u in a fish tank

  4. NeedWat3r¿ says:

    say yes if you play multiplayer at

  5. NeedWat3r¿ says:

    anyone 2018?

  6. NeedWat3r¿ says:

    Thanks so much you are the best but ill take it back if it dosen't work 😀

  7. Prankster404 says:

    this is charlie bear agadoo energizer minecraft dance

  8. ThePureRamen says:

    are you in the bathroom? lol

  9. TheGamingAppleFights says:

    Can it play hypixel

  10. Ibzy says:

    when i press play, it does nothing!

  11. Løw_3r 4yøu says:

    I subt to you!!! You are the best!!! Thx!!!!

  12. Joshua88 says:


  13. flowcabulary1 says:

    great tutorial dude! just wondering…. Where do i fine the game folder?

  14. Siegull says:

    if it is not working install titan launcher is better and safe

  15. D Har says:

    Omg it worked even multiplayer thx a bunch

  16. Simo Robert says:

    If it doesn t work to play,you need to wait a day

  17. Senlouie says:

    Someone help it says: An update to your launcher is available and is required to play 1.12.2. Please restart your launcher.

  18. PapaHeHE says:

    you are the best man:) i have downloaded so many minecraft cracked and noone could load1.12 so i hit the like button keep the good work 🙂

  19. supermario23 says:

  20. Christavio Khazen says:

    Please help :c

  21. Christavio Khazen says:

    When try to open the launcher , It says " Updating Launcher…" Then it instantly Closes….

  22. Gaming Hub Chanel says:

    its not working

  23. Mandoot WORTH says:

    subscribe to me

  24. Shattered Knight says:

    I don't understand. I have this. When I click multiplayer, there is only one on the list. Team Extreme Bitches Be Crazy. But it doesn't work. It just gives error – connection lost.

    How to make my own so my own multiplayer world that my homies can join?

  25. Broken Phantom says:

    gg rip old graphics driver

  26. Pong Sila says:

    It works but the police can get us arrested.

  27. AquarioStickJuice says:


  28. Marcogamez21 says:

    This can only play on CRACKED Multiplayer servers.

  29. Gaming_with_Xx_Atharv_xX Kumbhar says:


  30. Your Name says:

    You Are Awesome Thank you so muchhhh

  31. Piewy says:

    i download for it to help my premium launcher load faster #lifehacks

  32. Tanjid Azad says:


  33. Massdeck says:

    thanks i finally got minecraft thanks

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