Title: How to Install Gameconfig, PackFile Limit Adjuster and Heap Adjuster for GTA 5 (GTA Gamer)

In this video, we will be looking at the process of installing Heap Adjuster for GTA 5. The Heap Adjuster mod is used to fix the error, ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC. This is a memory error. This occurs when memory less than required for the game is allocated to it. Rockstar limited the default game allocator heap at ~500 MB. But, sometimes during online play or using mods for the game, you will need to allocate more memory to the game. And this mod does that successfully.

But, along with Heap Adjuster. GameConfig and PackFile Limit Adjuster are also installed in this video so that, most of the errors in GTA 5 will be fixed simultaneously (which is also a recommended thing to do)

Tutorial on how to Install OpenIV:

PackFile Limit Adjuster:
Heap Adjuster:

(NOTE: There are two versions of Heap Adjusters available in GTA5mods.com with silimar names.
1. Heap Limit Adjuster:
(This does not have a configuration file to increase heap value. Heap fixed at 650mb only)
2. Heap Adjuster:
(This comes with a configuration file to increase heap value, hence this is usedd uring the making of this video))

This Video fixes the following errors:
GTA 5 has stopped working (GameConfig)
Add-On Crash Fix – Limitless Cars (GameConfig)
Single Player missions error fix (GameConfig)
ERR_FIL_PACK_1 (PackFile Adjuster mod)
Game hangs due to higher number of props (GameConfig)
and some more errors of the game…

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  1. Thank u so much dude!! I’ve just installed a few mods and was trying to get it fixed all day and it’s 3am now😂

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