45 thoughts on “How to fix "GB usable" RAM problem (Windows 10 x64, Shared Memory, onboard GPU)

  1. I disable all of my graphic cards and than my computer going to blank .. after that i smash my computer with big hammer until destroyed .. thats work for me ,my computer not working anymore there isnt memory usable anymore .. happy ending for me

  2. I am using AMD Ryzen 3200G APU & ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 Series – 8GB (4GBx2) DDR4 2400MHz Rams and without any extra GPU. In my Sys properties it is displaying that my installed memory (RAM) as 5.95 GB and not even as 8 GB(5.95 GB Usable), so is there any problem with my Rams or with my sys. Please tel me how to rectify it if it is a problem ?

  3. I have ryzen 2200g and 8gb of ram but its showing only 5.95gb of ram is usable. why this happens?
    Ps: my hardware reserved 2.1gb of ram.

  4. I'm genuinely confuse why my computer will only use 5-600mb of vram when it's has 6gb can someone help cause my bios is toatly different

  5. i need help i have 8gb ram but it only use 6.1 then i go to bios go to advance but theres no chipset setting only two option intel vid and intel xid pls help already do at msconfig but still same no change hope you can fix this problem

  6. i have an msi motherboardand i cannot access the same you are showing, the msi bios looks different and i can't find this option. i have a ryzen 2700x and a nvidia 1050 and out of 32 gb or ram on hald is avalable the other 16gb it's reserved. i've tried the other things i saw online. nothing worked.

  7. What should i do as My Bios has Not advanced settings option.
    I have 8gb of ram & 2gb of ram is free and other space is used by onboard GPU.
    Onboard – Intel Hd
    Dedicated – Amd readon R5 M330
    V5 Insydeh20 Bios Utility
    Lenovo G50-80
    Windows 10 Single Language 64 Bit

  8. IT WORKED!! 😀 thanks dude ! Also if anyone has other BIOS … for ex gigabyte or asus just search similar words to integrated graphics. You will find it … +1 gb 😀 thanks again !! Subbed

  9. What about if it fixes my issue but a minute later I'm getting a blue screen and windows is restarting but then when I look at the usable ram it shows me the same fault?

  10. So whats the situation ive got a 2 year old laptop with Nvidia GeForce 920M and Intel Pentium CPU 3825U 1.90GHz (well 4 of them) and a 4 gb or ram that only 2.43 gb that coud be used i beilive it coud have been recent problem bcs ive been installing some drivers and Cuda foe the nvidia to be capeble of playing The Forest on a decent Fps that ive got but just for short when today ive got another driver updated into a pool of doom…
    I still got that question do if i reinstall this laptop i woud be able to get some of my ram back?(windows 10 64bit ive havent gotten to wrong video yet..)
    Ohh yea fast edit it got the second video card Intel HD graphics that are…

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