How to fix Garena Plus Problem cant Log in.

Hi and yes im Avalonix GG i’ve changed account.
Please try deleting the GarenaMessenger folder at C:ProgramDataGarenaMessenger (Windows 7). If you are using Windows XP, please find it under C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataGarenaMessenger.
* please read *
I’ve changed my account to nSChero as im nt using this acc anymore

twitter: @nSChero


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  1. Melris Bacat says:

    anyone who are at 2018 ??

  2. Fifth Mizono says:

    Why is not working T_T

  3. Prabowo Andri Nugroho says:

    halah ragunooooooooooo fuk

  4. s. zeest says:

    i have no garena messenger T^T

  5. MAFfin Gamerplayz says:


  6. johnchristopher sia says:

    i dont have to

  7. gnese eseng says:

    Run as administrator and ur good to go.

  8. heid orro says:

    whank you man glad your here
    'keep up the good work tnx very much it works

  9. Darren Tan Sheang Tze says:

    I tried everything, from deleting my Garena messenger to blocking it on firewall, nothing is working. Somebody please help me.I can't remove a Garena plugin on task manager

  10. Farrel Rienaldie says:

    i dont have folder garena messengger please help me ):

  11. Emmanuel De Torres says:


  12. Emy Dacones says:

    idiot i dont have garena messenger

  13. Faze Hunterz says:

    I dont have garena messenger

  14. Keith says:

    Pls… Help me my account is hacked by someone he tricked me!!! Pl help me:( Pls help me to recover my account pls..

  15. Gilbert Castro says:

    Change your Garena Password it did work for me:) I thought i'll never be playing my depression solution. haha

  16. Patchiko Torres says:

    The Problem of Our Garena is on Laptop u need to buy again laptop to play or youre laptop is have a virus like me !

  17. mazul penang says:

    Hi my id garena auto close after log in on the pc .. but the phone can only play .. I refill the id fifa online3 I do not lose my id … please help me gm

  18. Marian Baterzal says:

    I don't have Garena Messenger T^T

  19. Harun Aluza says:

    why i cant click on the connect button to connect to facebook? like nothing happen when i click the connect button

  20. bon ayala says:

    mga gong-gong ! try nyu right click nyu garena plus nyu tapos open file location tapos open nyu dun sa loob hit that garenamessenger.exe tapos ang problema nyu!

  21. DreiDrei says:

    Can someone help? In the league of legends store (purchase RP) everytime i login to my account it keeps repeating to type it again pls help

  22. edreen estuya says:

    kuya bakit nag rerestart ko sa ang aking pc pag inoopen ko ang garena ? help po

  23. Amalia Ecleo says:

    can somebody help me in this fucking problem, in everytime I open garena plus and i enter my own account….even those that my account and password is both correctly, it repeatedly saying error 0021 your password or username is wrong can somebody solved this problem and otherwise the other accounts i use can be entered whilr mine can't be???

  24. PinoyTOP10 says:

    try go to your firewall then remove garena plus on allow program.. something like that

  25. the name says:

    guys it easy u delete you garena + and go to your computer click program files (86) and click your lol files and start again
    and u will complete

  26. Kono Shiba says:

    Just go to your task manager end process the garena plug-in and you're good to go 🙂

  27. laurence bernal says:

    DON'T DELETE THAT FILE YET BECAUSE IF THIS Video did not helped you and deleted the file your garena will not work properly try to make a backup of the file you will delete

  28. Kenny NG says:

    Can someone help me?
    I couldn't find the file 'Garena Messenger' there.
    and it still can't log in to my Garena Account.
    Thanks a lot.

  29. steeve paolo manuel says:

    hi can you help me with my problem because when i open my garena it says that i need to update it to the latest version and when i click the update it goes failed please help me how to update it or what can i do with it please

  30. Jam Bandola says:

    I used my email instead of my username and really worked =D

  31. leopoldo retaga says:

    tnx T_T …. Im really owe you

  32. ZiyogeClips says:

    Another useless/shit guide video

  33. Ouma Shu says:

    thnk you it works~~

  34. john marston says:

    can somebody help me? i keep on trying to delete the garena messenger folder but it always says The action cant be completed because the folder is open in another program. even if there is no other program running in my pc. pls help

  35. Mark Anthony Amalin says:

    I dont have garena messenger

  36. xDyro King says:

    Hi all nSChero here pls tell me what is ur problem and what u have done thx !

  37. Kent Cyrus Magsakay says:

    help me please

  38. Rifqi Samsu says:

    you saved my account…thank you so much 😀

  39. Interitous says:

    worked for me.

  40. Marv Kenny says:

    Good thing i read comments lol

  41. NoodlesPoodle says:

    no does not work

  42. Santsuix says:

    oh.. but how to log out ?:(

  43. Muhammad Fikri Basroh says:

    its worked man. thank you. 🙂

  44. muhammad shah says:

    ummmm that it? wow easy then i tough lol

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