How to fix ADD-ON vehicle Crash in GTA 5 (New GameConfig for all version of GTA 5 Like 1.42 – 1.33)

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Gameconfig For all versions

Script hook V


Packfile Limit Adjuster 1.1


Bugatti Chiron 2017 [Tuning | Livery | Analog / Digital Dials]

Enhance Native Trainer

Menyoo Trainer


MONSTER KILLER (31) SuperCar’s Pack #1

Tutorial for this car pack –

MONSTER Liberty Walk Supercars pack #2

Tutorial for this car pack –

MONSTER 2019 Cars Pack #3

Tutorial for this car pack –
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  1. master ninja says:

    gta 5 gameconfig 1.0.350.1?

  2. IAGamingWay says:


  3. kim paan says:

    how to update gta5?

  4. M.W Gamer says:

    i need gameconfig for 1.0.678.1

  5. Mr. Peperoni says:

    Thanks for the help man. Appreciate it 🤙🏼

  6. Rana Brar says:

    Please send me gameconfig for 1.0.350.1 patch

  7. Smael Elasbihani says:

    AWESOME bro u r a legend

  8. Кирилл Бондаренко says:

    An error occurred after installing the gameconfig [ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE]

    Error accessing memory. Reboot the system and restart the game.

  9. Avin Dsouza says:

    My version is 1.0.03 which gameconfi version should i use

  10. Zizdy says:

    sorry, i can't work. any probleme solve? please

  11. God Of Trolls says:

    it still crash pls help me bro i want it so bad

  12. XtenvoGaming says:

    doesnt work at all

  13. Genos says:

    Pls help as my GTA 5 in exe is 1.0.1180.2 while when i launch the launcher there it somethin in the bottom right build 1.44 which is different with the exe?? how to fix this

  14. xinOne G.J says:

    What version do I need to use? 1.0.1604.0

  15. Charlie Schuyler says:

    hey my game crashes when i install the game config i need help

  16. Dragon Lore says:

    there is no file for v 1.0.505.2 :(((((

  17. WEN CHEN says:


  18. hashir mehmood says:

    My version is 1.0.350.1 and there is no config file for this version . what should i do?

  19. aN'WhiPiX says:

    it still crashing i have all requirments and i have just 4 cars and still crashing i just have 4 cars addon and trainer help me please

  20. INWNMTheBoss says:

    2:36 oh well you gotta crack the game sometime dont you XD

  21. INDIAN GAMER RAJ says:

    Bro can i run redux in 940mx ??

  22. Chizian says:

    My GTA directory does not have a mods folder… What should I do?

  23. S A N G says:

    Thanks bro

  24. ConnorTube says:

    what are the traffic things

  25. KILL M0NR00K99 says:

    Will it work on gtav 1.41(1.0.1180.1)

  26. reality says:

    danke! sorry my english bad, I German

  27. guerrero678 says:

    Is there a way to fix the lagg that happens with some addons not all of them theres just some that give lag i jump out of the car and get a random one the the street and theres no lag i spawn the car that was lagging and lags again how can i fix this its crazy sometimes it has little lag then sometimes it laggs like if i had no graphic card

  28. Geeky Tips says:

    bro i have version 1.0.350.1 and i am not getting the file from anywhere please help me

  29. Eriksitoo says:

    monster, if you help me i'll help you on patreon. It doesn't work for me. I tryed so many gameconfigs, reinstalling the game, i even tryed just to add 1 car with so many diferent carmod types but it keeps crashing. This time i used the latest gameconfig (withe original rockstar game) and it says that my files are corrupt. I did it on the mods folder… idk what to do. HELP PLEASE

  30. kairull__ says:

    hello bro , my game version is 1.43 (1.0.1180.2) i follow your step and my game just stuck the loading at first girl intro . and it crash . i can only put 1 add on car .. if i add more than 1 .. my game crash .. do u know what best config for add on car ?

  31. mihael says:

    Thank you very much mate !!

  32. Магнезит says:

    e vtyz djj,ot ytne gfgrb vjlc

  33. Jeremy Zern says:

    Bootlegs video game, but does not bootleg winrar… SMH

  34. Eren Kurt says:

    thanks <3

  35. TheBaleineEchouée78 says:

    Thx you so much 😉

  36. Arma 87' says:


  37. leon kenedy says:

    It was really useful and safe. thank you

  38. A_Lawro says:

    Thank you, spent so long trying to figure out how to get my cars working, easy sub👍

  39. Niko here says:

    i have enhanced native trainer pc will this allow me to add on many car mods & plane mods & boats? because i can play w the b377 & a dodge truck(2017) & a antonov plane but i can't play w other planes & vehicles like air force 1 or carriers or jet planes or helis it crashes on loading the startup sayin gta v exited immediatelly

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