How to download world of warships FOR FREE….

Note guys:
If you leave in asia, go to the asian server to download the game
if you download an north american server and your playing in an asian server you will have a bad ping for about 200-500 ping…..

North American server download link:
Asian Server server download link:

Hope this video will help you.. 😀 😀 😀 😀
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  1. DEATH REAPER says:

    World of warship is free in all Divise

  2. Brian Anino says:

    almst 16gb to donwload paita….kadugay….

  3. Toms Fishing NQ says:

    Thx for the help mate👍

  4. Kimaldrin Nicolas says:

    are you a filipino

  5. Noahhh says:

    Wait i might be wrong but is WoWS free even in 2011 Now in 2017

  6. Mehmet Güney says:

    Allah razı olsun (thanks)

  7. DCJL11 DC says:

    it wont let me open the game after installing it

  8. ilona sybiel says:

    it can dauwload its sayang udate only can you show me

  9. Romu says:

    He should get subs even though it's for free but I respect what he showed in the Internet and we should too

  10. Taduscze says:


  11. Mark Theolphilatos - Markus says:

    I have followed all of your steps and it worked and I succesfully downloaded the game in the way you show,thanks for uploading this because now I can play the game that i like a lot and dreamed a lot!Also I didn't go to Asia server or North American server but I downloaded the game from the European server because I live in Greece and Greece is in the European Union.But anyway thank you very much!

  12. Theterit says:

    is it an virus,i think not beacuse its official website duh

  13. Noblica Ne znam says:

    what is your download speed

  14. Hans Rubiker says:

    thx dude!!

  15. ImTheNomino says:

    if you leave or live

  16. Yummy Burger says:

    Wait isn't world of warships for free alreddy?

  17. Theodore James Megrenio says:

    is it available for laptop ?

  18. Tijn Geurts says:



    I'm downloading it but then it has an update and its downloading really slow

  20. Gaja says:


  21. Žak Žabnikar says:

    world of warship is FREE

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