How To download and install World of Warships for Free


  1. Maharajul islam says:

    bro 28 gb update imposible

  2. salahfaraon says:


  3. salahfaraon says:


  4. Truth world says:

    21.57 gigabytes wtf

  5. [IHY] PRO_GAMERS says:

    hey this game cant run in my computer…This game run on HAVEN COMPUTER

  6. OneDirection Lover says:

    wait a minutest when no school im gonna play it!

  7. Filipas8122004 says:

    hey bro are u greek???? 3:00 I can see greek letters… XD

  8. Amadou Ba says:


  9. mr tumblerone says:

    Sex hours or one day

  10. mr tumblerone says:

    How long this is to download

  11. Dilan Sham says:

    I cant creat a account .can you help me plz

  12. Horváth Tamás says:

    20 fps?? wtf

  13. John kouridakis says:

    Είσαι Έλληνας??

  14. Jarred Jordaan says:

    Will this let me play multiplayer ?

  15. Stargrooves says:


  16. rufuszero08 says:

    it does not install

  17. Zentonic says:

    It keeps saying you have problems with your internet, which I don't and I have to shut down my computer and the download restarts everything so I can't download world of warships anymore 🙁

  18. Prajwal Sawant says:

    im having problem while logging in

  19. Jason Gomez says:

    HELP I download it but at the end it says checking for updates then repeatedly says
    could not install

  20. Tuấn Thành Lê Nguyễn says:

    How long to dowload this game?

  21. eloquentPL says:

    thanks! for my ne game [war] i heave wat thunder world of tanks and war of ship! thanks bro!

  22. RAVI ROY says:

    what is total size of world of warship

  23. Kay Cee says:

    helpful video, liked!

  24. Maria Los says:

    the file have an virus

  25. Heinrich Martins says:

    I can't because it says it failed and its blocked so what do I do now

  26. jesse elliott says:


  27. Source Panel says:

    I Use Laptop And Its 2TB And Its Slow Download Internet Fastest Why World Of Tanks Is So Fast Downloading I Take To Download World of Tanks For 1hour And For World Of Warships Is Slow Downloading I Take 13days To my Laptop And Its Still Downloading

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