What is a skill meter, you say?

A skill meter is nothing but a way to classify the skills of a candidate. This can help the companies know what their employees are good at and in which area there is a need for improvement.

But how do you make a skill meter?

Watch this video to learn more about a skill meter from building it to implementing one.

***About Sujit***
Sujit is the CTO and co-founder at Interview Mocha. With over 11 years in software consulting and enterprise applications development. He brings rich cross-functional experience, passion for innovation and expertise in transforming technology strategy into high-quality enterprise products.

***About Pranav***
Pranav is a Marketer, a Consultant… but mostly a Teacher. His mission is to Humanize Marketing. Through “Mocha sips”, he plans to pick the minds of Recruitment experts.

***About Interview Mocha***
Interview Mocha’s mission is to empower organizations to hire job fit candidates faster.

How to build a skill meter | Interview Mocha

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