How to add Scars, Tattoos & Digital Makeup – After Effects & Mocha Pro

How do you add SCARS, TATTOOS or DIGITAL MAKEUP to a person’s face? Learn how to use Mocha Pro’s planar tracker and the Mesh Warp tool to insert a flat image/video on a (non flat) human face!

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2:20 How to Get a Good Track
3:39 Creating a Planar Track for the Face
5:58 Using the Mesh Warp Tool in Mocha Pro
11:00 Rendering the Insert Layer
12:16 Enhancing the Final Composite

Want to follow along? Grab the tutorial files here:

Many thanks to Celina from Fables in Fashion for helping out with the video!

All comments and feedback welcome 🙂

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  1. Surfaced Studio says:

    What do you use Mocha for? What tutorials for Mocha would you like to see? Leave your comments right here!
    2:20 How to Get a Good Track

    3:39 Creating a Planar Track for the Face

    5:58 Using the Mesh Warp Tool in Mocha Pro

    11:00 Rendering the Insert Layer

    12:16 Enhancing the Final Composite

  2. عليم عليم says:


  3. sai krishna says:

    why here is mocha pro in effects and presrets tap.

  4. MOviE wARe says:

    How you do under your glasses

  5. Ethylic Viners says:

    Hey plzz help me I am working on a video and I want to create zombies without makeup plzzz help me I don't have much time can you plzzz make a tutorial for digital zombie plzzzzz

  6. artkiko says:

    this is a great down & dirty way to get the effect using 2D. do you have a tutorial showing how to achieve the camera tracking and insertion of a 3D object? thanks

  7. Deep Dark Dreams says:

    I still remember your early tutorials when you had the pointy hair and AE 2014, before you got the monster computer and made the indiana jones effect that took 24H to render even on the xtreem processor. do you still use it? 🙂 Used to watch your tutorials all day, dreaming of doing cool things.
    anyway I'm back 🙂
    I have a question- do you know the difference between the mocha that comes with AE and pro? Are they only different in advanced features or in basic tracking too?
    Thanks for all your effort 🙂

  8. Jenna Talia says:

    how do i make my boobs look bigger?

  9. Kyochan Ulser says:

    nice video btw…. really appreciate it

  10. Kostas Fassoulas says:

    Would love to see wire removal, particularly in difficult scenes! Keep it up!!!

  11. Ali Naini says:

    Thank you so much for Mocha pro 2019 Tutorial , 👍👍👍 please mor Tutorials 🙂

  12. ALBERTO NE says:

    mat can you do a tutorial with mocha and astronaut helmet? thank you

  13. Raymond St Paul says:

    Can you please do a tutorial of how this is done in Hitfilm Pro it too has Mocha which is the software I use. Please reply soonest an also when available!

  14. My Life as Elvis says:

    Is Selena Asian?

  15. Charles Leonard says:

    New content everytime wow thanks Tobias . Wow mocha is really powerful tool

  16. Mappi75 says:

    @Tobias can you make a video about Silhouette FX? What is the difference between FX and Mocha ?

    BTW: some thought on Flowbox Rotoscoping Software ? Thanks!

  17. Reactive Studios says:

    Sir i am Inspired by you..please watch this link

  18. Ronin Soju says:

    Hello, I know this might be a stupid question and it has nothing to do with this video but I have an urgent problem on after effects. I’m trying to make an effect where a person’s body starts to slowly disintegrate limb by limb using a fractal noise and threshold effect, but every time I Luma track mat my video to the solid with the effects, the rest of the body disappears around that one limb. I want it so I can make multiple masks around each limb and then make it so each body part disappears in different times. Please help ASAP 🙏

  19. clayton stoltz says:

    Thanks so much for your tutoeials they were a big help for me to create this:

  20. Spoof Xerox says:

    Hi, sir please help
    When i face swap in after effects 2019 perfecly and face also stay fix but after some time its automaticly convert in very bad face swap its shake too much please help sir my hard work going totaly wasted please help and tell me reason please
    Sorry for rip english

  21. Celeo Portillo says:

    Very nice tutorial! Thank you for taking the time to do these. 😀

  22. Jeff Myers says:

    Thanks for another great tutorial. How much of this could be done in the standard Mocha, I don't know. But very few people own or can afford Mocha Pro.

  23. Pretty Vegas says:

    Hi Tobias, I love the work you do, and the entertainment value also, half the time I watch for that and not the tutorial. The explanations are always great, and I thought I would ask if you had a solution to a problem I have.

    In the latest video I have done for the band, we have a locked off shot with a screen behind that is displaying static images and the odd video, and only after did I think it would be better to be able to do a screen replacement and have the band logo up there. The issue is it is a single take, and the singer and other guitarist move in front of it, so without spending hours roto’ing the whole thing, have you got any tips or tricks that would work?

    The link to the video is below, and if you think is something you could do with Mocha want to try and tackle as a tutorial, then I would happily send you the original hi-res footage.

    Fancy the challenge??

    Pretty Vegas

  24. Anthony’s VFX says:

    Great tutorial! I have mocha pro for HitFilm, but never ventured into the mesh tab. Really looking forward to doing so now! Thanks!

  25. Newbie Film says:

    Tobias, i always watch your video tutorial, your speak can be easy understandable, now i feel better because you teaching me many thing in after effects, its really helpfull.
    Anyway i make video, i hope you would watch it.

    rip my english

  26. My First Anime ART says:

    Change bg music😁

  27. Reactive Studios says:

    best video sir

  28. Prathamesh Productions says:

    Please make more tutorial about mocha sir that really amazing

  29. David Gray says:

    Very nice tutorial! Would love to see tracking eyes with different colours 🙂

  30. That Black Oni says:

    does hitfilms has something like this.

  31. Hitfilm University says:

    As always, excellent work.

    Question/comment: I've seen other tutorials involving face tracking with mocha, and, usually (especially if it's a Mary Poplin tut) the side-of-face spline is drawn where it drops from the side of the eye socket and curves under the cheekbone before following the side plane of the face. In this tutorial you put your spline around Celina's entire cheekbone – or, directly over part of her face that wrapped from side-to-front. It struck me as a slightly unusual place to have a spline (again, based off other tutorials where the point of the cheekbone isn't tracked).

    So. Deliberate choice? Maybe, since you were warping you wanted to try and get some front – face data, or am I just overthinking things, and you just grabbed what looked like a good spline at the time?

  32. David Klaus Yamba says:

    Yes, doing the other tutorials would be great. Am hoping you do….

  33. David Klaus Yamba says:

    No one explain in details like you Tobias. This is my best channel on YouTube for tutorials because you are a great teacher. All tutorials are so mastered and more fun to Watch over and over again. I do Check here always…Thanks for the great job.

  34. Vorpal Edge Productions says:

    Love these Mocha videos! I somehow missed the Mesh tab! Now I need to track some cool tattoos!

  35. GEM Studio says:

    Thanks for your video. How to change the size of the overlay? After I did everything with mocha, I can't change the size… And also have you a tutorial about how to work with mark points in mocha?

  36. Chris Wong says:

    I really like your videos, from the basic ones to the advanced ones you explain it so details and you are soooo great !!

  37. Ayush v Nair Origami says:

    I Have Done A Lot Of Work .I Learned A Lot From Youtube But still .I Am Not Able To creat the pro or hollywood touch thats y i thought to move towards a Course at VanArt

  38. NotByIntent Photography says:

    All roads lead to Rome ?…no all roads lead to Surfaced Studio. Some neat tutorials from you.

  39. M. Ibrahim says:

    Great Work

  40. Bearleii Sober says:

    you are amazing.

  41. Film Learnin says:

    This is awesome work Tobias!! I can't wait to test this out!

  42. Mubashar Hussain says:

    thank u bro

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