How Starbucks’s open-bathroom policy may be taking a toll on its business

The chain opened its bathrooms to everyone last year, but it may be putting itself at a disadvantage to rivals, a study says.

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  1. Sasha Aridegbe LMT says:

    I could've sworn it was the transgender issue…hmmm..ok

  2. seanaudio says:

    Shitters clogged !!

  3. dominic kyle says:

    In New Orleans we are known for our chicory coffee, but our local places get killed by Starbucks on a daily basis because America loves Starbucks.
    I can't see how they are losing revenue.

  4. pat the trucker says:

    I had a iced caramel macchiato the other day. I was in the bathroom within a hour. I wonder why their coffee has a laxative affect.

  5. traildoggy says:

    They over roast their beans, so their coffee really isn't very good. I have at least 6 local shops and a deli nearby that all make better coffee.

  6. Robert Tanga says:

    First they didn't want to hire American vets and wanted to hire 25,000 illegals their coffee sucks it's overpriced the bagels are from Kroger and they won't even spread the cream cheese which is out of a tube real crap

  7. Randy H says:

    Correlation is not causation. Did they even bother researching whether the cause could be economic? Starbucks coffee has always been overpriced.

  8. Kyle Gibson says:

    Seems like bull given you did not establish or explain a cause-effect relationship. Maybe the study does but your video reminds me of the things high school English teachers try to teach against…

  9. Dedalus69 says:

    Get Woke, Go Broke.

  10. Some Person says:

    You mean their overpriced chalky coffee has nothing to do with it? I can buy coffee to make at home for so much less, and it tastes way better…

  11. tom Knauss says:

    In California the Starbucks are homeless shelters ….right, ? They just charge the people who want caffeine. (I think the growth in sales in 5 hour energy drinks, is a better correlation to declining sales)

  12. Crunch Time Fitness says:

    Or maybe its just because Starbucks is so dang expensive

  13. Total Control 871 says:

    "Anonymous cell phone location data" LMAO…AS IF!!! if you believe any part of an app and the data it collects is anonymous then I have a Starbucks to give you for free.

  14. Flappy doodle says:

    Tackling those big issues

  15. Dark Star says:

    I stopped going not because of Starbucks opening restrooms but due to their past policies and the owner's politics.

  16. TellyToby 710 says:

    – – Cheers to Starbucks !!….Cheers to QUALiTY !! !! – –

  17. TellyToby 710 says:

    – – STARBUX is the BEST by FAR !! – – Cheers to STARBUCKS !! !! – – Cheers to QUALITY ! – –

  18. Sol Sevilla says:

    Well, I always try to avoid publoc restrooms anyways
    Love starbucks 👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Robair says:

    This same channel said it was racist to not have an open door bathroom policy!!!! HYPOCRISY!

  20. Hello There says:

    It's not an open bathroom problem, it's the problem you don't want to mention… People are allowed to hang out there even if they're not customers. We always used their bathroom when we were in Manhattan, but we didn't sit down at a table unless we were a customer. It's all because CBS news and other news agencies called them racist for not letting non-customers sit down and hang out as if they were home.

  21. Press Start says:

    Guess I could see how this would be an issue in area's with massive homeless populations

  22. David says:

    Bhahahahahaha stop.

  23. Speed Racer says:

    Or maybe people are just tired of spending $7 for a cup of burnt coffee?

  24. Everblue Freediving says:

    Yea, it doesnt have anything to do w scorched, bitter coffee…. I choose anywhere but Starbucks…

  25. Honky Tonk says:

    I've never ever been inside a Starbucks. My mentality is coffee is coffee so I get it cheap at any grocery store. I'm 53.

  26. Luis Rodriguez says:

    The dilemma, no make money or to be racist, nice job CBS at showing this study that it’s also misleading by causation with correlation

  27. Whut Now! says:


  28. Citizen 1 says:

    Gee. People don't want to step over junkies to pay for burned bean water? Who knew!

  29. Howard Roark says:

    There are multiple homeless / crazy people I see at my local Starbucks all the time. They come in filthy dirty and sit in the same seats each day. Now everyone knows not to sit in those seats when they are open … I feel bad for the people who don't know any better and sit in those seats. Disgusting !

  30. Christopher Hueghs says:

    They need to do like Germany, where to Toilet is in public side walks, only thing… you gotta pay.

  31. Chad the Chud says:

    Dump and run.

  32. Richard Edwards says:

    Many rapes and assaults already inwont patronize any of these backward thinking businesses or anti firearms either

  33. Richard Ralph Roehl says:

    We recommend that Starbucks reinstall doors on restroom stalls. They should also remove the cameras.

  34. StandingRoomOnly says:

    Sounds like this study is mistaking correlation for causation.

  35. ROXEY says:

    LMAO! Who Didn't See That Coming!! It's Why I No Longer Go to the Public Library!

  36. Starkiller _ says:

    If i paid for something i would think i would have some sort of priority to go to the restroom compared to someone who hasnt. Lines are ridiculously long sometimes now.

  37. Pitbulls are Great Babysitters says:

    Homeless Aids Grande

  38. Aida Ali says:

    Third oop

  39. Pitbulls are Great Babysitters says:

    Starbucks Reparations

  40. Young Crasher says:


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