How Mushrooms May Help Save the Bees w/Paul Stamets | Joe Rogan


  1. Rob C says:

    how about saving honey bee lives by not using Monsanto poison that cross pollinates crops that are near by and also poisons and kills the honey bees that are just trying to do their job. without them we are fucked and we're getting close to being socialogy fuck anyway why are we not trying to save something that can keep us continuing to do stupid shit anyway because we're humans we will always do stupid shit but we can save what keeps us alive so we can as well

  2. T Capo says:


  3. David Thomas says:

    Everyone came to this world with a purpose. Mr. Paul Stamets was sent to heal with mushrooms. It's not a coincidence he thinks the way he does & brings things to light. Mush love Paul!

  4. Leam Godfrey says:

    Sell them and people will buy them

  5. David Thomas says:

    It's called timelapse Joe.

  6. Frankie Cal says:

    This is true bro science.

  7. da_jeezuss says:

    I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for insects. If we ever get to a point were I can move to Mars, I will do it just to live free on a planet with no insects. Same goes for birds and rodents 😂

  8. WrathMachine says:

    Joe “Lets drug bees” Rogan

  9. Mario Ramil says:

    Rambo Ramil – Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself (watch it now)

  10. Caitlin F says:

    Paul please contact me, I have been doing a different type of mushroom and bee related research and this blew my mind. I may even have an alternative energy idea to assist in the data collection. I have been experimenting with Australian mushrooms, flowers, and quartz crystals set in resin in the shape of a small bee bath. I have a completely different approach obviously but you have blown my mind!

  11. Sunnie says:

    Save the mf bees.

  12. ok says:

    Honeybees are actually doing fine. We industrially raise them.
    Every wild bee, (vastly more efficient pollinators of native species) is suffering, just like all insects are. There has been a 90-99% collapse in insect populations due to pesticides (depending on region).
    We're literally poisoning the majority of animal species. Nature is being completely destroyed.

  13. S. Rodgers says:

    Awesome… thank you for having this conversation. I look forward to both animal & human immune system benefits

  14. Carlos Cruz says:

    Aye thats cool asf yo

  15. slaterson g says:

    Wow, some of the things he said really stung.

  16. FATMAN tactical says:

    Apparently when Mr Beast finishes planting 20 million trees, he needs to save 20 billion bees!

  17. jjbrown16 says:

    It’s the vegans fault

  18. lightfighter25TH says:

    Bee keepers need to get on this ⛵

  19. BoiledRopeLampPosts says:

    Only rapid human extinction will save the bees

  20. Alan Parsins says:

    Joe's eye's light up as soon as he mention's mushroom's…then fade away when he's on about only for bee's.

  21. Michael ## says:

    I've heard this before on a DMT trip I Think 🤫

  22. Garrett Sanislo says:

    Paul you are my father….

  23. Ahmed Habzhou says:

    Iam waiting for chappelle !!

  24. Josh D says:

    But mushrooms don't protect them from weed killers.

  25. Jo Po says:

    He's really creating a buzz with this info.

  26. Meredith Wilson says:

    Yeah mushrooms are good

  27. Radiculously Rawthentic says:

    If u don’t like mushrooms yo taste buds pussy af

  28. Ski Lodge Cinema says:

    That’s great, but they have the bees ever taken DMT?

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