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In this video I cover the costs of my day in Hanoi – Vietnam. We also visited some cool places and had a pretty wild end to the day 🙂 Hanoi has definitely been one of the most unique capitals that we have visited.



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  1. Jumping Places says:

    My biggest video ever by far, maybe too long? lol
    – Watch all the Vietnam videos in this playlist:

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  2. Anti Feminism says:

    To Jumping Places: You must put your money in a mutual fund, trust fund or an equity fund an order to "gallivant" to these different places that me and my friends cannot afford, plus not to mention hotel/transportation cost.

  3. Marty Riordan says:

    Your videos are awesome mate,keep them going.cant wait for Hanoi going there next month.

  4. Dejan Jordan says:

    You got drunk after only 4 drinks….lucky bastard hahaha…

  5. Vera Danson says:

    Great vid, gives a good overview if the city. Doesn't appeal to me. Too busy!

  6. Lao Mick says:

    Yeah good vlog like and I like your style , i was like having a coffee and like stumbled across your channel and like and it was so cool like thanks like and like keep rolling like..

  7. fred campbell says:

    Hey man. I commented on one of your vid previously. We are currently in Hanoi as well

  8. Bruce King says:

    Hey, get back to your unfulfilling oil and gas jobs!!!! Great to see you enjoying this travel opportunity you have made for yourselves!

  9. AnsonF says:

    HI guys brill content looks great. And a nice long video to get into 👍👍., Keep up the good work, Love from Scotland

  10. Dennis Daniels says:

    What do you learn about expensive things in Hanoi?

  11. Al Jumrani says:

    I love all your videos. It's like going along with you in your journey. Thank you for visiting Southeast Asia. I can't wait to see your videos in London. Safe travels you two. ✌️

  12. Rebel Slater says:

    I’m glad you said the brekkie was crap… I was thinking wtf. You guys need to check restaurants on FourSquare or something. How cute were the kids! Poor Carol looked so tired. I hope you’ve recovered from the overnight bus.

  13. Thomas Mueller says:

    I ❤️ your travel vlog. Hope you are soon back to Asia after your stay in London.
    Have you got a website with travel/destination tips/information?

  14. Shifas Kn says:

    Why aren't you getting many views? Wtf the content is amazing.The world is yet to know about u 😊.Keep going love y'all

  15. Arnel A says:

    the best [art, the wall view, everything you need. HAHA 🤣😂😊👍❤ yeah, never saw Carol wear sunnies before, I think. 😊

  16. FR0G the FRENCH says:

    too crazy for me 😱

  17. Grace Pajemola says:

    I love this one! U should be proud of your work. I always look forward to a new vid! I can’t wait for the next one👍

  18. Ty Phanthphongphay says:

    Lol cool video! Nice long video! CHEERS LEGENDS!!!

  19. Dennis Daniels says:

    Are you talking about expensive things about Hanoi?

  20. Ricardo Tongol says:

    Wow Hanoi, nice place. Sleepless journey in sleeper bus. Breakfast😱😱😱😱🤬🤬🤬🤬. Thank you for the tour. Nice tour of farmland. I love to see you two enjoy the night life. Well deserved.

  21. Tamer Elsendiouny says:

    i did not like the home and entry
    karol you must sleeppppppppppppppp your face very tiered ….
    you go to the club man and you was alone without protection !! try to be save and careful …

  22. J.R tantiado says:


  23. Ivanilda Mendes says:

    Oi boa noite porquê aqui jà noite ò lugar mim parece tranquilo👍😘😘😘.

  24. Luis Berrios says:

    FIRE!! keep up the great work!

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