Hood Food Review Ep. 17 WHEN FARM FOOD IS LIFE!

This week the suggestion took me somewhat into the country, for some good ole fashion Farm restaurant. It wasn’t located on a farm but everything in the store came from the local farms. How will the food taste and stack up against the other places we’ve gone?

Also there’s a special guest, plus additional bonus footage at the end that you should check out.

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  1. Ben Dungan says:

    That brisket sold me on the place! Thanks Dueling Walters!

  2. Tim Preslar says:

    This place was AMAZING….

  3. kelli jones says:

    White Walt is hilarious 😂

  4. kelli jones says:

    The Honey Hog is delicious for the most part ESPECIALLY cheese curds and the chicken wings.

  5. Tim Preslar says:

    Walt….she said "same trailer,different park"…lol…another good review brother

  6. Evan LastNameToHardToPrononce says:

    Devil dog?

  7. gh1Mikie says:

    That food looks Aaahhhmaaazin!!!

  8. Skeptical Whale says:

    N word Nintendo 64

  9. Hope Hopkins says:

    Thats a really neat place and I love the local sourcing. Glad you got the VIP tour

  10. Hope Hopkins says:

    I'm really glad you took Walt. A little practice and he'd be a great regular

  11. L Bridge says:

    This was another great review. I liked having the guest reviewer also. It was nice getting the two ratings and opinions. I was excited to see that you were able to take a tour of the restaurant and give us a little more info about the place. I hope that you are able to do that more often!

  12. Babs Cake says:

    So awesome that Johnny Ray showed you around😁

  13. Dorothy E Taylor says:

    Food looked really good! I think I would agree with you on the mac & cheese as I also prefer a sharper cheese. I am also a wing FLAT person!
    I'd like to know what other sides they had, as in since it is farm related, what type veggies were offered? What about the little store area? Local products? Veggies? Jams/Jellies? Meats? Stone ground meal or grits? Cane syrup?
    I'm not a drinker, but, for those that are, the bar – was it just known brands or Local/Micro-brew?

  14. Babs Cake says:


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