37 thoughts on “Homecoming TikTok Compilation || Transformations, Hocoproposals, and More!!

  1. My freshman homecoming dance was yesterday but I didn't go because I'm kind of insecure about myself, and think I cant pull off like, really nice clothing. I just wear hoodies all the time..

  2. Lmao all of these are just reminding me about how ugly!! and alone!! I was in HS. I never went to any school dances bc I was never asked and because I was never allowed to wear a tux and bc I felt guilty about the price

  3. I feel so single bra🤦‍♂️😢and I just realized that I have been single my whole entire life cus of my Christian family 👪🙌❣🔥💦😂😂😭

  4. Short and tight dresses for hoco aren’t cute. And they’re not flattering at all. Idky one would want to look like they’re going to the club 😒. Flowy dresses are so beautiful on the other hand even if it’s short

  5. Then theres my school waiting for senior year for older studens to experience a school dance😂. And its kinda shit because its just in the subdivision thats still owned by the owners of the school so home owners could potentially maybe see us from their homes😂 and catered by the relatives of the school.

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