10 thoughts on “Here’s how a potential impeachment may impact markets

  1. So the dems neither heard the call or have seen the transcript, but are going to impeach? Oh but wait! There's more! Now we find out the "whistleblower" has a political bias! Trump isn't going anywhere and the dems look like fools yet AGAIN!!!!!

  2. He's going NOWHERE. He will be re-elected in 2020 and these stupid Democrats are going to be put in their place AGAIN. Fuck Pelosi and the clowns in the House. They are jokes!

  3. This is just a start! Democrats can't win in 2020 so they are going to make up anything to IMPEACH our PRESIDENT. Democrats are nasty!

  4. Ukraine security in Kiev has transcription Zylenski Trump conversation over the phone.Could share with others countries security services

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