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On the latest Deep Cuts, today’s youth fill Hasan in on the latest TikTok trends and show off a few dance moves on the Patriot Act stage. Hasan also shares a story about the time he visited his wife’s childhood home and had to sleep next to her bedroom poster of Hrithik Roshan and his sixth finger. Hasan then divulges if he’ll tell his daughter about Santa Clause, shares the question he hates getting the most, and ranks his favorite Indian sweets. Shoutout to gulab jamun.

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  1. miss miss says:

    Make an episode about JNU protests going on in India. BJP is screwing India like nobody's business!

  2. NSRC says:

    Ok it’s not like iam pointing out..but I have to @ 6:13 that’s jangri not jalebi.

  3. International Harvester says:

    We went through all of that for her to do that?😕 anticlimactic

  4. Cheryl Lynn says:

    WATCH STAR WARS!!!! That's a pretty easy thing to get done on a bucket list. And Star Wars in awesome

  5. Elise Erickson says:

    Someone edit this video with the actual music so we can enjoy her dance

  6. Dineen Serpa says:

    Bella is so damn cute. Chic NYC outfit, brings the apartment squad. Total set up, but I don't mind.

  7. an outsider says:

    That was not JALEBI that was IMARTI.

  8. Last Earthbender says:

    Tik Tok is just cringe on a whole new level. At lest Vines were funny.

  9. Mohammed Abdul Hadi says:

    Hasan do one episode on ANIME ANIME ANIME ANIME I wrote more than once to get your attention so did it work

  10. aravind santhosh says:

    12:37 anyone notice the rhyming…. Hasan you are a legit hip hop fan🤗🤗

  11. Malak Khalil says:

    No need to replace the patriot act instead of that tik tok song we already know what it is😂😂

  12. Tharenya Uthayakumar says:

    Malaysian in the house

  13. username 1 says:

    We need a video on the NCAAA pls like to make it happen

  14. Guillan May Tibule says:

    Please talk about NBA and China. My boyfriend guessed who'll talk about it. 🤣🤣🤣

  15. maryam malik says:


  16. Sam Butler says:

    Doughnuts are fried anyway

  17. flavia Arocha L&J says:

    I have eat the dish and is good

  18. Aswad Sumra says:

    3:59 damn 😮🥺.

  19. Fanboy :: says:

    Hasan didn't know what tik tok is.. what a pure life he had

  20. Ankit Meena says:

    There shiuld be no ine disliking this video….guy is amazing.

  21. Siddhant Dhal says:

    Ronny Chieng is my spirit animal.

  22. Hetal Sanghvi says:

    If you eat Indian sweets anywhere that is not India they will be too sweet and taste like garbage. Honestly jalebi, rasgulla, peda, etc are all so good if you are able to eat them from a good sweet shop in India 🙂

  23. Superlonj says:

    Shout out to the DJ with the reflexes 🤙🏾

  24. S A says:


  25. Aditya Mishra says:

    As a child, i believed that the boring water comes from hell

  26. Denish Trivedi says:

    that was an anti climax,all that build up for a toddler dance

  27. Alta says:

    What’s her @

  28. OldRaver1 says:

    Nicest bloke in comedy ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Ms Mash says:

    What's sad is that you couldn't even go to your parents about shaving your moustache to save your job. 🙁

  30. Dave Rivers says:

    TMI indeed. 😉

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