Harry Potter x draco🦁❤🐍(sorry is long)


  1. Terra Complex says:

    1:50 is my favoriteeeee

  2. carla sailor says:

    No gay

  3. Kelly The Kitty says:

    Ron: Jingle bells, Severus smells, Harry's super gaay! Harry: Draco's hot, Ginny's not

  4. Alexia Nairn says:

    WTH what happened to my childhood…😳

  5. Johanna Robles says:


  6. That vErY raNdOm iDioT says:

    "Nice butt, blondie"
    Yes, yes it is

  7. ιтz lιαиα νlσgѕ says:

    sometimes you be like
    Im single

  8. Yuna the Gacha diamond says:

    Idk why I’m watching this I don’t ship them

  9. Princess Malawi says:


  10. Gacha_ CreamPuff says:

    looks at thumbnail

    Fan girl noises

  11. A trigger happy 6 yr old with a gun says:

    Everyone's shipping Drarry and I'm just here shipping their kids together (Scorpius x Albus) from The Cursed Child

  12. Powerful Teddy Bear says:

    Hey um is any of these for sale

    I have 10 dollars uWu

    Please I want one of those drawings T^T

  13. Itsvivilps says:

    NO!! I DONT SHIP IT! THERE ENEMIES!!!! AHHHSKDJEJDJE!! (Pls Don’t Hate On Me It’s Just My Opinion)

  14. Kara zor-el says:

    1:41 ayy Vietnamese :))

  15. HufflepuffPOOF says:

    Sorry is long….

    If it's long,
    Dats great tho!

  16. lord blitz of the underworld says:

    dies from cuteness right off the back lol

  17. _Mitsuki_ says:


  18. Riria Oi says:

    At 0:22 draco said why won't potter notice meeeee! That's was sooo cute! xD

  19. Freindlypandas AJ says:

    1:03 Oh godddddddd….

  20. D&F_gacha_ channel says:

    1000 subscriber

  21. Jovi Sykap says:


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