31 thoughts on “Harry Potter Tik tok cosplay compilation part 6

  1. Ok was it just me or at 2:40 depending on what side they where on it only played on that side 😱😱😱😱

    Edit: I meant opist (idk how to spell) sides

  2. 1:59 so very very true, I also wear glasses and no matter how many times I tell my friends I'm short sighted, they think I'm BLOODY BLIND!!!

  3. 2:04 draco and i really have soooo much in common like that is totally me i always pretend to be always cheerful and happy…bc my heart says "stay strong, even though your not that kind of child.."

  4. Was i the only one that noticed this sound is from vampire diaries when Stefan is with elaina when he gets the ripper " disease " again? At 10:00 or am I just a dork

    I probably am just a dork

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