HANOI, VIETNAM has so many things to do and see. In fact, the city is a full on assault of history, culture and food – not to mention motorbikes! This was my first time in Vietnam, so I decided to capture all of my first impressions of the country.

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0:00 – The hustle and bustle of Hanoi Old Quarter
Walking around the streets, focussing on the multi-purpose sidewalks: used for cooking, eating and socialising. Local life is on full display here.

1:19 – How Busy is Hanoi?
An overlook on the amount of vehicles in the city and what it’s like to cross the street (not as easy as it sounds). We also checked out the famous Hanoi Train Street.

2:24 – Why Hanoi is like Paris
A dive into Hanoi’s French history and adopted elements of the culture. Viewing the art deco architecture and tasting the Bahn Mi sandwiches.

3:18 – Bahn Mi in Hanoi
Tasting one of the best street food snacks in Vietnam.

3:59 – Vietnamese Dong/Currency
Becoming a millionaire in Vietnam is easier than you think.

4:13 – Vietnamese Egg Coffee
Tasting a specialist drink in Hanoi.

4:36 – Peaceful spots in Hanoi
Hanoi has many rooftop bars to watch the sunset from. But there are also some great cafes in hidden quiet spots. Some of our favourites were the Hanoi Social Club, Xofa and Tranquil.

5:25 – Nature in Hanoi
A brief tour of Hoan Kiem Lake and the Jade Mountain Temple. A great spot to see some of Hanoi’s Chinese influence.




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49 thoughts on “HANOI is LIKE PARIS?! – First Impressions of Vietnam

  1. Cool shots. Love the comparisons between cultures. The more we look to see what connects up the less will try to tear each other down. I might need to reroute to Hanoi!!! Cheer Mate! Subscribe

  2. Hoan Kiem Lake means the Returned Sword Lake. The Legend goes: The Turtle Deity emergered from the lake asking the King to return the Sword that the Turtle God lent him to repel the Northern invaders, war over, peace now. Don't you notice, the police doen't carry gun. So, A Time To Love & A Time To Die. The KIng didn't die. LOL to the KIng. You survived from the rd crossing, You're deserved love, LOL

  3. I love Hanoi! I love that you compare it to Paris, I found Da Lat sooo similar to Europe. Vietnam is such a diverse place. I loved your video, great job not dying while crossing the road! They are experts at not killing pedestrians 😅

  4. Wow, talk about culture shock being there… very different from what I'm used to! The chaos and motorcycle traffic and noise would all make for quite the experience! Some beautiful looking architecture though – and yummy looking food too!

  5. Wow it's so busy, crazy busy but also vibrant!! I totally get what you mean about Paris though – the Egg coffee (which I've tried and not a fan) also yeah to being a millionaire for £30

  6. Loving this Vietnamese series Ryan. Learning a ton about a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Your narration is spot on, and love how you mix so many scenes in with what you’re talking about. Makes me feel like I’m right there. And honestly would’ve never guessed Hanoi would have such a French influence but totally makes sense after you pointed it out. Final thought, sign me up for one of those sandwiches and egg coffee right now please. Looks amazing. Thanks again for sharing. Just subbed , dan

  7. I love Hanoi! Makes me want to go back. I love the adrenaline when trying to cross the streets when I was there. It was very challenging. Oh and the Banh Mi!! It made me hungry. Lol.

  8. Hanoi is one of my favourite cities and you captured it perfectly! You should've rented a motorbike to feel the full Hanoi experience though! I rode from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and on the first day a crazy person jumped in front of my bike! He is still alive thankfully but I was really shook 😂

  9. It did sound crazy the comparison at the beginning, but you definitely succeeded in convincing me about the resemblance. You even made me desire that sandwich! Very interesting video, just like a documentary.

  10. A few years ago my husband and I were in transit to New Zealand. We had a stopover in Taipei. Watching your video brought back the noise, smell, awesome people and lovely food. I loved seeing the views through your eyes.

  11. Haha so true about the pavements in Vietnam. Most people seemed to use them as motorbike parking. We never made it to Hanoi on our last trip but I've heard that some of the best food comes from there. The egg coffee looks delicious!

  12. Vietnam: country of motorcycles! It seems that every cuts have motorcycles in it. 😹 That's my first impression. Great one mate!

  13. LOL I went to the same spot for Banh Mi in Hanoi. Another great Episode! I love the narrative as always, makes me reminiscing my own trip.

  14. I love Hanoi. The chaos of the city is rather endearing. It's French colonial connects are a very cool counterpoint to the rest of Asia. Really impressed how you've grown your channel so much. Congrats!

  15. Always love your work! Great job on this one. My mouth was watering during the banh mi section and now I want to try the egg coffee. Great episode! -c/t

  16. i didnt like hanoi i got pickpocketed there back in 2009 my canon got stolen lost all my pics of northern india and vietnam. prefer the south ho chi minh up to sapa like your other vid

  17. Hello there, Mr. Genius Filmmaker…it is us, your favorite fans! 😃 I can see the French influence…it does look like Paris, but I think it looks even more like Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I do love me some Bahn Mi–would prefer to have it in Vietnam though! We LOLed when you were trying to cross the street. 😂 Nice to see the beard is coming back…or is it?? c/t

  18. I have just got back from Hanoi and you have summed it up perfectly. I loved it and can't wait to go back again. One thing you forgot to mention was the people… I found them very friendly and so very helpful.

  19. Your videos Should be promoted by travel agencies!!:) Number one source for travel destinations! Great video, informative commentary..great job!!

  20. nice take.. i like how you showed the street crossing ..you really struggle on that one… yes the coffees… i also like the egg … but have you tried the coconut? i think its better…. been to hanoi early this year and i haven't made my video…i have a catching up to do…thanks for sharing

  21. yaaaaay for a new country in ur series hehe. but wow the streets are just filled hahaha. they literally do everything on the sidewalks. hahaha its so chaotic even crossing looks like a thrill. i was just in Paris (aka the video i added to the thread hahaha) and it kinda does have a vibe to it. ahhh banh mi, one of the many reasons why i want to visit Vietnam. omg Egg Coffee??? how cool haha. thanks for sharing! c/t

  22. Really well done! Love the style of your videos. Hanoi does look pretty insane 😂😂😂 Food looks awesome…French-Vietnamese is some of our favorite eats! We’re looking at SE Asia for an upcoming trip…we’re leaning toward Vietnam over Thailand (maybe not quite as overrun with tourists?). Thanks for sharing!

  23. It looks so cool – I love the blending of European and Asian culture! Not sure I'd be keen to try the egg coffee though. 😊

  24. I had no idea about the French’s deep rooted history there. Thanks for sharing that! But those neighborhoods are so cool especially the one near the train track!

  25. Nice and unique take on Hanoi having compared it to Paris which is rather unusual. And yes banh mi is everthing!! If you’d really like to see a “french city” in vietnam, you should see DaLat which up today the french influence is still very evident.

  26. Those streets are meant for biking not walking. After childhood I never thought of consuming condensed milk again, but in Vietnam it goes very well with coffee.

  27. Great job at capturing Hanoi!! I miss the little sections Hanoi had…i.e.. the kitchen sink street..where everyone sold kitchen sinks…and the dish street, where they only sold dishes…not sure if that still exists there…one thing I didn't notice was that amazing coffee…and way to find the quiet spots on the roof tops! Look forward to the future adventures!

  28. Haha, this is the first time I've ever heard anyone compare it to Paris?! 😜 This is going to be blasphemous to some people, but I'll take a banh mi pate over any french pastry/bread/sandwich any day. I quite like crossing roads in Vietnam. I feel like I'm doing a tango with the motorbikes 💃

  29. We miss Hanoi soso much! We are thinking to go back and live there for a while. I saw you have been to the Hanoi Social Club! One of our favourite cafes there! We loved your video, as usual! Can't wait for the next ones!

  30. Haha we came to the conclusion that in Vietnam (as well as a lot of SE Asia) pavements are for the weak! Haha! It's such a great city; you've captured it wonderfully and I like the style of your editing.

  31. I can definitely see why it reminds you of Paris. I can't wait to visit Vietnam. I've heard such good things! Those sunset views you got were beautiful. I'd love to sit on a rooftop bar and enjoy a sunset myself, but with a Bahn Mi lol!

  32. Great list Ryan. I've never heard Hanoi compared to Paris, but loved hearing about the history of it all. Your sidewalk commentary made me laugh. I would love to visit here someday. I may need to take a girls trip, not sure my family would embrace the chaos ;p But…I would love to be a millionaire! 🙂

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