Han-byul x Sarah?!! Big Stage mingu 4 Reaction |Just give me a reason

#Bigstage #2019 Hanbyul collaborated with Sarah! OMG
We had so many request for this! XD

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  1. Blimey says:

    How can they sing like that?!?! SaByul…❤️
    Thanks for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fpimkF_Ml8


    This video is only used for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music.
    All rights and profits belong to their respective owners.

  2. ila ummi says:

    im from malaysia,you must react sarah suhairi& han byul sing together is sweet

  3. Qilah A. B says:

    Wow🤗amazing💕💖sarah han byul💖💕💕💕

  4. Nurina Izni says:

    please please please react to adzrin ft marsha. adzrin was one of the contestant from big stage season 2 too

  5. Fatin Fatimah says:

    Proud of you Sarah!!!
    Love from Malaysia

  6. Mr Opie Syira says:

    Sarah was invite in blimey when Han byul can join Blimey?? Hahaha..

  7. Ray Sya Lin says:

    Sarah was winner for 1st season
    Hanbyul was winner for 2nd season

    Really proud of them 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  8. hamka ryzal says:

    Love this reaction!!!!!

  9. relisya rosman says:

    pls react for video big stage han byul ft siti sarah – song title:- digarhayu . ❤

  10. Effa K'One says:

    Try to make reaction …final big stage…. Han Byul part

  11. Nurul Syifa says:

    Please react to Luka Dan bahagia – hanbyul

  12. inda nasuha says:

    Please react to han byul's new malay single.. The song is LUKA DAN BAHAGIA, it's composed by HAQIEM RUSLI, a famous young singer and composer in Malaysia
    https://youtu.be/3DakvSvedGk the song is now trending in malaysia

  13. amatullah sumaiyah says:

    Please do reaction about hanbyul new song….pleaseeeeeeeee

  14. KMS SENYUM says:

    lov u dasol

  15. Abdul Mu’iz Narudin says:

    React the dirgahayu one…duet with one in million winner!! Wooooo

  16. Azim says:

    react to final big stage…hanbyul- luka dan bahagia

  17. Its Wina says:

    Hanbyul no 1. Pls react to he final perfomance and he new song luka dan bahagia gave from Haqiem Rusli. Congrat Hanbyul!!

  18. amar amarul says:

    Please Reaction luka Dan bahagia by hanbyul

  19. safirahj says:

    Dear Blimey gurls, can you react for LUKA DAN BAHAGIA from Han Byul as well? Please please pleaseee

  20. budak melayu says:

    Luka dan bahagia

  21. insan terpilih says:

    Can you react new single malay han byul luka dan bahagia compose by haqiem rusli..

    Thank you blimey🙏

  22. diana oppo says:

    Type dirgahayu hanbyul sarah

  23. Daeyol says:

    Reaction luka dan bahagia – han byul.
    Lyrics: haqiem rusli
    Composer: haqiem rusli

  24. alto_fm says:

    💎Cinta Dirgahayu
    (Originaly by Faizal Tahir and Siti Nurhaliza)

    😊He even sang few korean verse in the song

  25. amirul .a says:

    Please react to hanbyul new song luka Dan bahagia

  26. Wit Channel says:

    Please give a reaction to Hanbyul new song LUKA DAN BAHAGIA 🤗🤗🤗

  27. Izyan Shamimi says:

    Luka dan bahagia-Hanbyul

  28. mazwan mansor says:

    Hello Blimey, Please reaction new song by HanByul -Luka Dan Bahagia.Composer By Haqiem Rusli..

  29. Fatimah Rahman says:

    Please come here to Malaysia and join us to watch live final on big stage 2019 , please blimey members join us and make a reaction

  30. SMD Live says:

    Unnie, please react to Haa Tepok – Meerfly, Kidd Santhe and K-Clique. You're gonna enjoy it..

  31. sweetcheesecracker says:

    honestly, i didn't like performance. not the best for that night. Adzrin x Marsha was the best

  32. effa says:

    Please react to K-Clique songs, sah tu satu, beg 2 back and mimpi.. I'm prtty sure that u gnna love it. ♥ #lovefrmmalaysia

  33. Ardini Binti Zainuar says:

    Blimey please reaction Pura Pura Bujang please 😗😗😗

  34. Cindy David says:

    Hello Blimeyyyy i was wondering if you guys can make a video reaction on K-Clique – Mimpi. They're a rapper group from Sabah, Malaysia. They're quite popular nowadays. Thank you ! <3

  35. Jehan Jian says:

    Please react to "HAA TEPUK" 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  36. NuriN says:

    plz react to "hanbyul – yang sedang-sedang sahaja bigstage" its a "dangdut" genre btw 😉

  37. azizi says:

    Pls react for santesh, he indian guys sing a oppa gangnam style song in big stage week 5

  38. farakertina says:

    blimey…uols can make a reaction for hyun byul this week..dangdung song😍😍😍

  39. Cawan Kole says:

    Please give reaction for han byul sing genre dangdut 😁

  40. Salwani Shamsuddin says:

    U can watch live every sunday at youtube just search "bigstage live minggu 6"for next week..9 pm malaysia time 😁

  41. Nurul Asyikin says:

    u guys already made 2 reactions of han byul performance but i dont know why, i still feeling like want u guys to react to his week 5 performance..he sang a dangdut song which is quite difficult i would say..especially for man..what more he is a korean..ffuuuhh..the theme for this week is 'cannot brain' and i really cannot brain with his performance..hahaha..and haaa..it is one of my favourite dangdut song ^_^

  42. Putera Ish says:

    hope for u guys to collaborate with kimchibudu vlog for next video for the great content.. 🙂

  43. Areiya아래야 says:

    You guys should do react bigstage for tomorrow.. Hanbyul will be perform with song of dangdut.. The song title is "sedang-sedang saja" i hope it you guys will be react it..

  44. Izzah Izzati says:

    This is the buzz video

  45. Hanna Athirah says:

    the audio didnt do the justice.. i suggest u guys relisten their live at the original upload

  46. Xeon Gaming says:

    Sunday 9.00PM Malaysia times at astrogempak channel live big stage

  47. Tengku Fateh says:

    Please watch the video from astro gempak

  48. Zmirul _. says:

    For 'ur information,sarah suhairi is winner in big stage season 1.

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