1. مستر جيمر says:

    For add on cars only OR for replace?

  2. Darren Yew says:

    it keeps saying ran out of game memory

  3. DarkLord555 says:

    can anyone help an error saying "ran out of game memory" when i try to use the config

  4. Paweł says:

    not working i try x5 / x3 / x2 and no one repair my game

  5. 赵思承 says:

    It tells me to reboot the game, "unrecoverable fault" after I did what you said

  6. Lukas Beedle says:

    says my game is out of memory and then it asks me to reboot over and over again. help please

  7. Ripperfn says:

    can anyone tell me why my game is saying its out of memory when i finish this and then my story mode crashes and tells me to reboot

  8. Лорд Тачанка says:

    My game gets stucked in the loading screen

  9. Rana Brar says:

    Please send me gameconfig for 1.0.350.1 patch

  10. ZenFuYoung says:

    Thanks! The mod page doesn't mention using Open IV for installing this mod… I'm new to all of this; maybe it was obvious.

  11. JimmyWatchingGames says:

    doesnt work

  12. LIVEPRIMEX says:

    crashing, does it support the casino update yet?

  13. kaulo Gamers says:

    my game crashes when i did it

  14. Jamie GamingVlogz says:

    how to install addon cars?

  15. JamesH69 says:

    my game keeps saying OUT OF GAME MEMORY

  16. The Ultimate Gamer says:

    Can you explain what does 1x traffic 1x peds or 2,5x traffic 2,5x ped means. Appreciate the video !!!

  17. Mohammed Chowdhury says:

    I fucking hate pc modes of gta such a fucking piece of shit no mods ever work keeps crashing fuck gta trash ass game

  18. Genos says:

    does t work on gta 5 1.0.1180.2 or build 1.44? pls help or send link with a legit config mine crashes in loading screen i perfectly installed all card in dlc

  19. Amaan A. says:

    This video really helped me out man, and ur funny as hell LMAO thanks so much

  20. DJweeder [Plays]-_ says:

    Hoory for someone updating the config, the other guy seemed to give up on it which is why my game crashed after the loading screen.

  21. disa. says:

    Is there a flying deluxo here? If so, does it fly?

  22. Gingy says:

    Welp liked and subbed, haven't crashed yet

  23. ELDEREP2 PEREZ says:

    I need help with my game I'm testing in a new version GTA V 1.46 someone know how to download a new gameconfig I have 1604.0 and last version game is 1604.1 I need that cameconfig version

  24. Z0diac says:

    Thank you so so so muuuuuch <3 It finally worked 😀

  25. IIemergencyLaw says:

    How to backup gameconfig ?

  26. IIemergencyLaw says:

    It opens in notepad format

  27. Une Personne qui passe la says:

    in lowding fatal error pls help

  28. Skully says:

    For those who have game crashes after this, use this gameconfig.xml found here along with the head limit adjuster the author posted at the top:

  29. Alpejohn says:

    My mods folder is empety? But i find the location in "update/update.rpf/common/data ? Is there something wrong here?

  30. charlie ward says:

    not working what am I doing wrong

  31. Delfox says:

    You're such a fucking idiot you should have told us to backup our old gameconfig.xml now my GTA 5 keeps crashing and I need my old gameconfig. Reported.

  32. sTurtle32 says:

    Not enough memory then crashes

  33. Panda says:

    when i open internet on ifruit phone screen being black

  34. vig p72 says:

    Mine's stuck on loading screen mate..
    Please help

  35. Tasik Rahman says:

    Can I do missions with the config

  36. Cyber Scout says:

    @LevitatingZombieFrog can you please make an update video for this because there is a "Save Game" folder in the RAR right now, and I do not know what is the use of that. Thanks in advance! 😀

  37. ROYAL PULSE says:

    Thank you so much, helped me a lot. My game in loading allways crashed, now its ok.

  38. muguri says:

    do we have to put his fucking game save.


  39. 魔幻 says:

    Love the way you talk haha

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