Growth may be down but it’s not recession yet: Sitharaman in Rajya Sabha

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, speaking in the Rajya Sabha, acknowledged that the economic growth may have dimmed a bit but refused to call it a recession. She then went on to say that the country will never face recession.
“If you are looking at the economy with a discerning view, you see that growth may have come down but it is not a recession yet, it will not be a recession ever,” said the Finance Minister in parliament, adding that country’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth was at 6.4 per cent at the end of 2009-2014, but rose to 7.5 per cent between 2014-2019.


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  1. Sundarrajan Rajendran says:

    Symbolic representation of Indian economy sleeping…while bluff master Nirmala speaking… Its true… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Adley Andersen says:

    Wakup India it is shame these people dont know when know economics is shame on you all

  3. Aliy Yila says:

    Waiting for recession to take over? What a visionary FM! 🤔

  4. i dont care says:

    Pichey wala toh so hi gya, usey bhi pta h dimag lageney wala bewakoof h

  5. i dont care says:

    You can't argue with a person who says there can't be recession ever

  6. Zayn says:

    In short
    FM – sb changa si

  7. Zayn says:

    That arrogance 😤

  8. Mounesh Kori says:

    Worst government

  9. Joicy Gangmei says:

    Are we waiting for recession?? I really hate her… comparison is not the solution rather tackling the issue is the solution..

  10. Hitesh Pathak says:

    I have complete trust in my government ,i am ready to give them 150 years ,we gave corrupt government 60 years cant we give this government which thinks for the betterment of this country,youth of this country,job creation, reducing corruption ,750 years , Superpower by 3070

  11. Shubhankar005 says:

    Isko gaddi se hatao

  12. Hitesh Pathak says:

    The keyword is " Yet"

  13. Goutam Goswami says:

    Are we awaiting for that to hit prior taking any actual actions. No policies framed to increase demand which is the biggest failure of these govt. Worst Indian govt. ever

  14. 3dsstudio says:

    B C public ayse hi bomba boom kar rahi hai. Madam tu bol rahi hai sub kuch changa sie….

  15. Save Climate says:

    What worse is about to happen according to them?? Bcz its not recession for them..recession is about to come

  16. CARL SAGAN says:

    What's about job creation and unemployment mam??? .. anyway the dude behind sitharaman had a nice nap…

  17. sarcstic girl says:

    Even FM husband said Manmohan's economic structure was to applied soon😂

  18. new reach says:

    Only prices like onion / ola uber fares will not only grow but inflate. Modi will keep travelling and farting monkibaath.

  19. sarcstic girl says:

    No we want temple 😂😂😂

  20. Shubha Kota says:

    But everywhere the economy is down….all over the world.

  21. style diva says:

    recession laki hi chodegi matlab

  22. Shivam Dalmia says:

    So is bjp waiting for recission to come???

  23. Its Alex says:

    Ruining the economy….

  24. Nabendu Biswas says:

    GDP comparison with past NDA Government is the only solution😄 of GDP decrease ..

  25. sandesh T .H says:

    We Indians should be proud of our FM ,NIRMALA Sitharam ma'am ,she has huge capacity to rise our economy in coming days ,no doubt in this .let's wait for the day.she needs some time to see all rhe loop holes then she wil have her big steps in Indian economy

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