So now that Kevin Feige has been signed on to fix Star Wars, it appears he may be bringing everyone’s favourite block of wood, Brie Larson with him. Could things get any better for Star Wars fans? Join me as I try to sort through the rumours and speculation.

source: https://goindocal.com/

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46 thoughts on “Great News! Brie Larson may be coming to Star Wars

  1. Exec 1: “ok, so the Star Wars franchise is going up in flames like a gasoline fire. Gooood. What else can we add to turn this into a raging inferno now?”

    Exec 2: “I think I know a chick… just, don’t call her a chick when you see her. She find it offensive.”

  2. These stupid movies are not even worth pirating…
    People should be paid for watching them…
    What a waste of precious time…

  3. I heard there's going to be a remake of the Titanic – in which all the women demand the right to sacrifice themselves in the icy waters so that men and children could survive: it's the one last hurdle of the patriarchy that needs smashing – and who did those men think they were anyway – dying like that in such a toxic male, macho fashion?

  4. Nobody: wouldn't it be cool if brie Larson ruined star wars?
    Ryan Johnson: hold my beer.
    Kathleen Kennedy: bull sht Ryan, you can hold mine.

  5. There was a time (the spectacular now) when I thought Brie Larson was hot.

    Now I associate her and wood in a totally different way.

  6. Did you know that Kathleen Kennedy was an executive producer on Gremlins 2? Mind blown. Apparently she hadn't been allowed free reign to destroy everything she touches back then.

  7. Oh f yeah, a Perfect Storm starring The Critical Drinker, Bree Larson, and someone else's star wars. I'm in for a treat. 🎁🎊🎉🎄

  8. Sony produced 2016's Femmi-Ghostbusters…..

    Brie Larson scared them out of the MCU deal because they were worried Disney was going to fuck up Spiderman's earning potential.

    Let that sink in…… The studio that made Female Ghostbusters and MIB:Int thought Spiderman in Captain Marvel 2 was an SJW bridge too far.


    At least they're finally making the real Ghostbusters 3, lol.

  9. We are going to get a trilogy written by D&D, directed by Ruin Johnson and staring Brie Larson. Wow that sounds like the worst pile of shite ever

  10. I grew up with and loved star wars. Now? I want Brie larson heading a trilogy. It'll be hilarious watching the great and powerful Disney nose dive one of the most successful franchises in history into a fucking volcano.

  11. Read the titel and was going to comment a rant, until I saw the creator name. "Critical Drinker". Ahhh he is being sarcastic, click on it! Love your vids!

  12. Disney has managed to completely kill my enthusiasm for both the MCU and the Star Wars Universe in the span of under four years. With shit like Last Jedi, Captain Marvel, bringing on D&D after they destroyed Game of Thrones, and their ability to water down pretty much everything they touch while at the same time criticizing fans like me for not worshipping the ground they walk on.
    At this point, I don’t give a shit about anything that comes out of the house of mouse. The only way I’ll watch any of their shit is if it’s on a tv in some public place that I have no control over

  13. One thing that best describes my feelings towards all that Hollywood has created lately is that I cannot remember the names of the Actors or Actresses in their money magnets. What is the name of the young becoming lady who plays Rey? No idea and I do not feel the urge to look her up.

  14. Why, WHY? Why are they so fucking stupid? Brie Larson is such a bad idea for an already dying franchise. Keep her in Marvel and work on making her actually likeable and engaging. Keep her the fuck away from Star Wars. See this is one of a few reasons why Kevin Fiege being involved with the 'new era' of star wars has me worried.

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