Grammar Video for Kids: Order of Adjectives

Very often, just one adjective isn’t enough to tell all we need about a noun, as there can be so many qualities of a single noun. When we have to use more than one adjective for a noun, there is a specific order to be followed in using the different adjectives. This illuminating video explains how to identify and form the correct order of adjectives in an engaging manner. #Educational #Language #Kids #Grammar

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  1. Mark Tsiryulnikov says:

    Im surprised nobody said they come from Calvert Learning

  2. predep says:

    Salut predep la prof est gossante but this video is pretty good. Thank you Turtle diary ! 🙂

  3. Nadia Qureshi says:

    It teaches my kids

  4. Iraid Santander says:

    for example the BBC likes her

  5. Fleecy Sky says:

    Hi. I did like this lesson. As a foreigner, I need a list of at least 10 adjectives per type. I am not sure where to put some adjectives: "thick" for example. Does it refer to size or to shape? Can you give a list of the most common adjectives belonging to each type? Most of the videos on the subject shows a few adjectives (always the same ones). Thank you very much.

  6. Maria Makinen says:

    Umm . Ok. I guess. Thanks.

  7. Tux Mux says:

    I'm surprised nobody said they came from Tom Scott.

  8. Shereen Ismaeil says:

    You are the greatest ♥️

  9. Atitaya Pornpanarat says:

    Why you say old tells the original in your slide? Old tells age, doesn't it?

  10. jessica salcedo says:

    hi your show is good

  11. Akros2009 says:

    very good! But … Old tells Age, not Origin

  12. izhar ha says:

    not good

  13. Md. Iqbal Hossain says:


  14. Vik says:


  15. Nicole Arts says:

    This is good.

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