Gordon Ramsay Takes On James May | The F Word Full Episode

The full episode of The F Word Season 3 Episode 3, including the infamous cook-off with James May.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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  1. Salman Haji says:

    "no wonder the americans are so fucking fat"
    damn gordon

  2. Pilkie101 says:

    This is one to sink under the sheets watching before a long night's kip on a weekend.

  3. henri says:

    10:45 S K I N

  4. lukalukic1 says:

    39:35 And the winner is!

  5. Kevin Yang says:

    uk gordon ramsay is different from usa gordon ramsay lmao

  6. samuel kina says:

    Seeing Gordon Ramsay dying because of James May
    Makes my pickle tickle

  7. 。。。你爸爸 says:


  8. James Simpson says:

    Dont think chorizo will sit well in a pilots stomach

  9. Scott Wibbens says:

    Damn love the short hair 😍

  10. George19906 says:

    Top 5 most epic crossovers of all time

  11. Patrick Sullivan says:

    What ! I, see in you ! You are good teacher! Just other's don't Listen! And ! Your a good man! Your Family must be Proud! Keep up the good job!

  12. Patrick Sullivan says:

    Did ! U , puck ?

  13. Zippity Zop says:

    Who's the two punk bitches who didn't want to pay for the desert?

  14. FreezeBurn 1 says:

    Top 10 Anime Crossovers

  15. hoodzzeee says:

    11:20 Andrew Thompson FTW!!!!

  16. Dan Best says:

    5:08 TOAST!

  17. Chris straubel says:

    english b eat’n sum dogshit

  18. Astro Logical says:

    Gordon looking for grass…

  19. Pro Lapses says:

    Ramsay tries so hard to be cool. "Watch me drive my loud Ferrari!" "I'm flying a jet now" "I'm going to use a falcon to catch my ingredients!"

  20. DivineAwakening says:

    Why Margarine instead of butter?

  21. Not Pocketsoviet says:

    "beautiful, no wonder the americans are so fucking fat"
    XD Love that
    perfect timing

  22. TheBlackKnight WithWhiteHorse says:

    35:38 "What the fuck is this guy doin'?

  23. 19future91 says:

    Holy sh look at that badass looking Golden Eagle

  24. Angel Gomez says:

    "Make love to it, don't f*ck it"
    -Gordon Ramsay 😎

  25. Yung Kirk says:

    I love James May. The guy is hilarious and, somehow, remarkably kind in his insults.

  26. Mike m says:

    Lambs / lawnmower OK 🤔

  27. Mike m says:

    I do like cook after a bit of drinking. Cheers

  28. Michael Grey says:

    At 34:21. Lmao!

  29. Ricky Hineman says:

    The kid on the left is like "who TF this guy think he is?" LMAO

  30. Ulrich Dethlef Jørgensen says:

    It like F***Ing top gear whit Food instead of cars I am a fan Denmark!

  31. Jay Plejaren says:

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  32. Jim Nastiks says:

    Is there anyways I can contact your publicist directly with an idea ?

  33. Shaun Stokes says:

    May pissed as hell……but witty.
    Ramsey with the kids eating hare, what a lovely Family He has.

  34. Dream says:

    You fucking better i made it LOL

  35. Quantum says:

    Susan is single??? Can't imagine why

  36. Ethanjbainer says:

    When Ramsay said Mack 2 I was dying

  37. Alex Clarke says:

    The bull willy was wobbly!!! 😖😭😂

  38. OzzyCoop says:

    How can you call yourself a chef Ramsey, you haven't had a single drink.

  39. Frank Black says:

    Ramsey: "..as you lift the fish, make love to it. Don't fuck it."
    Girlfriend: "Sometimes a fucked fish is the best fish."
    Me: … "Are we still talking about food?"

  40. Tom Howard says:

    gordon masay is a brilliant mind

  41. Ben Smps says:

    You disappoint me Ramsey

    Sounds like a line from game of thrones

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