Google Sheets – Conditional Formatting Duplicate Values Tutorial – Highlight Duplicates


  1. Redha Al-Obaidy says:

    it is not working !!!!!!!!

  2. Laleh Youseflavi says:

    I am a big fan of your videos, can u pls tell me what can i do if I want to delete the row with the duplicate ? thanks

  3. Jasmine Joy Legaspi says:

    You are my savior! Muaaaa

  4. Tanuj Bansal says:

    may I know if I can colour different duplicates with different colours?

  5. Nuno Soares says:

    thank you for being so kind and helpful.
    two questions, i've tried to match the same repeated argument duplicates with different colours and i can't find a way. The other question in about the cells without value,they will appear, so we need to use..if(NOT(ISBLANK(blá blá bla..)?? or we have an other way?

  6. Jared Ngesa says:

    I can't see the whole countif formula string. After I type the range put a comma what else do I put before I put the criterion?

  7. Hubert Ambrois says:

    Great videos !
    Thanks a lot
    Why do we need a double minus in this expression?


    very very goodddddddddddd

  9. Datum TI Corp says:

    Sir, i've been trying to apply this formula the exact same way you did, and it returns as 'invalid parse'. How can i proceed? :/

  10. Jesse Munson says:

    finally, a formula that works

  11. Sehab says:

    your explanation is soo good

  12. Morgan says:

    Hello guys… did you try to use this formula also to check the data simultaneously on differents tabs?

  13. Ali Saleh says:

    Thank you for sharing. You are Awesome and I am learning a lot from your videos . Your explanation is very clear. Keep up the good work.
    What I noticed is that in order to hight the entire row this formula can be put in the conditional formatting, namely: =COUNTIF($A$2:$A$17, $A2)>1. The only difference is that I put $ in front of A2. Please check it out.

  14. ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright says:

    Can you help ? I have created an expense income sheet. When an expense is made by credit care, I would like to the sum to subtract from the row which contains the running credit card balance as well as subtract from the row which contains the overall balance.

  15. Muhammad Naeem Ul Haq says:

    Please give solution, I want to Highlight Data in Column "B" based on Column "A" (I mean all the words in A1 should be highlighted in B2)

  16. alpesh sevak says:

    Google sheets me koi particular word ko search karke uaka count chahiye sabhi sheets ka to kese hoga

  17. Роман Бабушкин says:

    Why do we need a double minus in this expression?

  18. pennaverdeful says:

    Thank you so much, so usefull. I wanna cry now!! T_T

  19. Ed Scholfield says:

    Thank you works great, better then Ablebits for our applications

  20. sneakingintocommentsection says:

    It was very helpful for my work. Thank you for nice tutorial 🙂

  21. Eugene Soft says:

    Thanks a lot! Is that method still working? Can we use COUNTUNIQUE for formating duplicates?

  22. Ivan Liao says:

    Thank you so much. Very clearly explained. I'm really impressed. So I work part time at a division of Johns Hopkins University responsible for their online courses. I am involved in quality assurance protocol and I have created several google tools to speed up our protocol. An innovative google sheet + form combo sped up our protocol for online course quality checks by 20%.

    So my point is there's a market for this kind of information and I believe I can link you to various division at Johns Hopkins. Please let me know if you are interested.

  23. Jakob Jordan says:

    didn't work for me, until i used semicolon instead of comma between range and criteria…

  24. Aakash Singh says:

    awesome bro!…it helped me alot and thanks for sharing.

  25. Mike McCartney says:

    Very clever methods and use of array functions. Great video, thanks for sharing.

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