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43 thoughts on “Geryon Knight Boss! / Devil May Cry 5 / Part 4

  1. I'm still on the struggle bus with V here and some of the comments got to me last episode and I got really self conscious of all the mistakes I was making, so apologises if this episode seems a bit off.. there are days when the comments get to me and this was one of them. Hope you understand <3

  2. I'm just amazed by how quickly you improve in each game, and that too on your first gameplay. You should play some good fighting games too sometimes, I think you'll get really good at them…

  3. I found your channel very recently just when you started playing DMC1 so I do not consider myself a fan of yours or anything, I mean I've watched very little of your content to be a fan and it's mostly DMC related. That being said you are doing an excellent job as a youtuber. The videos I've watched so far are very entertaining and you do enjoy what you are doing here. You are actually trying to learn game mechanics, pay attention to the game and become better as opposed to many others who just rush through and hope for the best. You shouldn't let some negative comments get to you because let's be honest no matter what happens and what you do there will always be some negativity. It's just how the internet works. It does not mean you are doing something wrong. What you should care as a youtuber is the overall feedback you get. As long as both you and your viewers enjoy your content and as long as you get new people like me interested in it as well you have no reason to feel sad at all. Keep doing what you do and never let anyone make you feel dissapointed

  4. Guys, could we please let her just play the way she wants, and not how YOU want?
    It's her playthrough, let her just have fun.
    Damn, yall are like the Undertale fandom when they badgered Markiplier…

  5. V can be really difficult to control, so I understand the struggle. Keep getting better at your own pace, but don't stress out over people telling you you're bad etc. It's just a game after all. Enjoy it 😀

  6. V is tricky, specially that fucking "master defence" move on the little chicken , omfg i had the same issue you had here, while trying to move around and ordering kitten to slash i'd move back and chicken would swap move on the fly and teleport over me doing his lightning nova to absolutely NOONE. Once you get used to it however, it won't bother you as much. Next time will be better, also if during boss fights you're having trouble to control them while moving use the power up , you can spend 1 DT bar to boost chicken and he'll start attacking violently on his own with greater power. It will be easier to only do combos with 1.

  7. Don't worry about your gameplay or your grade. You're doing good. I understand that sometimes you just can't help but be sensitive on the internet. Having haters just means, one degree or another, you made it. Just try to ignore the negativity, enjoy the game you're playing and know that there people out there that enjoy your work and your content and I'm one of 'em.

  8. Those mean comments are from mean people don't let them get to you
    We enjoy watching your videos and we love them and we love you!

  9. I don't know what bad comments might have been said but just remember, it's a reflection of their personality and not yours.
    You are much better.

  10. I found your channel through RadBrad and I haven't subscribed to his channel because I really think yours is 100 times better. You've got a great personality, you're really funny and I daresay, very charming. The only thing I find frustrating about your game play is that you feel the need to apologise all the time. Also, who are the people saying that your videos are too long? A 2 mission video is perfect. I love all of your uploads, keep them coming the longer the better…. 🙂

  11. Just mash the square and triangle buttons at the same time as V and you will get an SSS rank trust me thats how I play and enjoy it as V

  12. Don't worry about giving high quality gameplay, I've dumped roughly 200 hours into the game and I still learn new tricks in the gameplay every time.

  13. You're way too hard on yourself, you're doing absolutely fine, and have been for the entire DMC series. These games have a ton of depth for those that seek it, but it's hard for people to remember that many of them have been playing the series for 18 years in some cases. There's no wrong way to play Devil May Cry – as long as you are completing the missions and having fun, you're playing it correctly. Not getting an S or even A rank on a mission is not considered a failure.

    And in the case of playing as V – playing V sucks. He's a messy character that never approaches the feeling or fluidity of Nero and Dante. The one thing that helped me was mapping Griffon to one of the triggers, because it allows you to attack with both Shadow and Griffon at the same time.

  14. Just ignore the douchebags and play the game the way you want, I'm sure you're doing the absolute best you can, hell… when I played this game I played it with automatic combat because I just couldn't get used to the controls/combos and I'm pretty sure that there are some douchebags in the comments who did the same, so hats off to you for playing the game with manual combat mode and being able to pull off those combos! keep up the good work you're doing fine!

  15. Wow you actually got better and the community got mad last Episode because V is best boy and he is one of the coolest video games character to control if you got it just a little right.
    But you got better way better in my opinion,and please taunt.

  16. The only piece of advice I have for you is: breaking the Round Robin habit ( you're not alone in this because I've done a lot as well when I played…tough habit to break when playing V); nice strategy to put griffon on the triggers. But I have notice that you pull back when using him which result in Round Robin (a close quarter trap) so just try to lessen the pull back.

    Keep having fun with V

  17. Alyce you did a good job. In fact V is not an easy character to use because it's totally different to Nero or Dante.
    I was in struggle in first time even I played over 18 years of DMC. Haha

    Keep in mind to evade, not just V himself but griffon and shadow.
    Pressing double X or R1+X to call them back are useful.

    If all summon devils died(changed to ball), press L1 to call Nightmare can revive them immediately.

    Also, V's DT CANNOT regain your health, so why i emphasize the importance of evading.

    In the end, relax to play DMC. Not all players can do all complicated combos at first time.
    You are good <3

  18. This was a very enjoyable video. I, for one, appreciate watching you improve. As the saying goes, “Don’t let the bastards bring you down!”- You and your channel rock.

  19. Don’t worry about the DMC community who trash on newer players and newer fans they expect everyone to be Donguri with no damage, no items, Dante Must Die, triple S gameplays 😂

    A lot are pretty elitist and are toxic. They will also rip you to pieces if you dare say that DMC 5 took so much inspiration from DmC the Reboot even though it’s true. 😂

  20. One thing I found about V gameplay, you can use him and explore a lot of places…also nightmare can break things like hell..you will enjoy that…

  21. This motivates me so much on going foward in life thanks Alyce for the great content l will always watch your’e content to the very end you are best Alyce ♥️

  22. What is she talking about? I didn't find any mean comments on the last video. And she know the dmc community is very picky. If they are supporting you means either you are doing something right or they just like you or both. This is your first playthrough. So don't look for reviews, read the comments only for tips. It's a great game that you don't wanna Miss out on.

  23. Nightmare does moves by himself can't control him unless you have a combo for him which you have now, but you need promotion to use it.

  24. Just keep practicing with V try to put controls that you feel comfortable with so that u can feel good when playing as him its really good to have the controls of them seperated cuz like you said its hard to control them all at once

  25. Bruh, these haters really think you are a pro on your first playthrough something. IT'S HER FIRST PLAYTHROUGH, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT.

  26. Your doing great don’t let anyone get you down on how your playing. V just takes some getting used to when playing as him

  27. dont worry bout haters, this community can be elitist/toxic sometimes.. i think its mostly salty DmC reboot lovers lol… u doin great, love watchin u learn n love hearin ur theories. cant wait for u to see if they turn out tru haha.. for V advice, personally i set griffon to L1 n shadow to R2.. frees my thumb up to control camera or jump to safety. i got nightmare on square n i set my DT charge(read book) to triangle. i try not to lock on as V unless i wanna do specific lock on moves. i like it better that way. also, i use my DT(nightmare) as much as possible, especially since u can manually charge it wit his book. Vs an acquired taste, easy to get high ranks but takes some gettin used to. anyway u doin great, keep it up, great series n gameplay.

  28. Play whatever way is most enjoyable too you, as long as you are having fun, the majority of us will have fun watching you.

  29. Well sometimes it's really hard to play as V and the way I'm watching your gameplay you are giving your 100% and you are planning it very well so don't worry about it keep playing we are enjoying ur videos so do not stop

  30. And the only criticism I can give is don't be afraid to hit Devil Trigger and bring out nightmare that's the third demon that V has but other than that you're doing awesome

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