Gemini A New Person May Give Your Ex a Run for their Money November 2019

Private reading 30 minutes 4 questions – 45.00 USD (1-2 week wait)

Emergency readings 30 minutes 4 questions- $85 USD (2 to 3 days)
2 question reading – 15 minutes – $25 (1 week wait)

Donations accepted – Phone readings available for $125 (30 Minutes)


*Please know that I am usually booked for 1-2 weeks.

**Your personal reading will be done by video recording. After you have purchased your reading, please send me an email regarding the situation you need clarity on, and 4 specific questions you want answered. Please include your birthday, time of birth (if you have it), name, city of birth, and any additional info you feel pertinent to the reading. Once I have completed your video reading I will send the link to your email. Thank you!


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  1. Cheroux Delight says:

    GEMINI if you are truly moving forward…why are you considering your "ex". NOW YOUR EX SUDDENLY REALIZES YOUR WORTH.! RED FLAG..! HE/SHE WANTS TO BLOCK YOUR BLESSINGS. The new person is entering your life for a reason, don't miss out.

  2. s w says:

    Healing myself first

  3. Jay Young says:

    Lmao yup, he had "side pieces" that's something we joked about a lot

  4. Cathy Betti says:

    You r spot on hon, he better bring the A game or I am out! I still have a lot of love for this x who knew how to keep me around for 12 years. I loved him more than I loved myself. We had a great time, I must say. Hes a Cap and I'm a Gemini. I am a very faithful person, I have a lot of respect for my body. We have been split up for 10 years this next January. I promised Father God I would never cast my pearls before a swine again. It was a cruel ending for us, he just wouldn't commit with marriage to me. For some reason I couldn't shake this love for him, not like me. I was twice married before him. He always promised marriage to me for years, I believed him. I just wrote him a week ago telling him how I truly felt about him, it was a huge load off my heart! It was actually a freeing of my spirit man! It was an amazing experience! I was filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. I think Geminis are really going through a healing right now. So Geminis! State your truth of how u feel about them. Please allow the Holy Spirit to heal you, its truly amazing! God Bless all of us. We all have had a hard road to go! Just hang in there guys! God is so Good! Please love yourself first, then! Things will come! Luv u all and God bless u all. We are called Geminis for a reason! Never forget this guys! We are truly Gems.

  5. Kim Hill says:

    Going through all of this at the moment,
    I'm going to love and move on

  6. Cosmic FlowArt says:

    Love that you offered props to the card artists! When my deck is complete, I'd love you to use them.

  7. Beverly Roberts says:

    Let them take all their money. He wasn't meeting me halfway anys. Take all girl!!! Lol

  8. In2Minds says:

    Exactly ! at this point I could care less which way the ex goes I'm not entertaining any clowns especially if their being a blockage to my success and when I know that I already have other options who's on the same page as me or is willing to put in the effort needed to be with me .

  9. Martha Grace Star says:

    This reading was clear as day!

  10. Positive Queen says:

    I'm Healing From My Ex Physically and Mentally Self Love Is The Best Love ,New Sub here May Gemini Awesome Reading sending Love and Light😀

  11. Van Nguyen says:

    Someone needs to

  12. ShaunaN S says:

    Damn near anyone can give my ex a run for his money lmao

  13. preeti Wanyoike says:

    Yes. Building foundation for me .

  14. Amanda Maria Queen G says:

    Not interested,I already moved on lol😁

  15. Laura L. Theune says:

    Feel more grounded and doing self care!

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