My name is Mocha. I am an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader. My sun sign is Aries/Moon Pisces/ Rising Libra and Venus in Gemini. I do Cuss as I’m from the south and just quite naturally lit 🔥🔥. Messages are channeled from and thru love and light. I am also a Crystal Healer (Shamanic) and work to transmute negatives into positives. I am also naturally comical as we are ALL family of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. LIGHT SEEDS of the Universe. Enjoy ✨💫💚💟. For a personal readings, email me at mochadelove@gmail.com. I use PayPal (link found below) and the Cash App ($MochaD88). I am currently offering Over the phone, Google Hangouts or Skype readings.

I do accept small donations as they do help the channel to grow. I appreciate the love and support in advance. Please send them to:
Paypal: paypal.me/DDavid88
Cash App: $MochaD88
Zelle: Amaurisprettymom@gmail.com (Chase)

30 min- 3 Questions – $65
45 min- 5 Questions/ Spiritual Path Pull Included- $80
60 min- Unlimited -$100


30 MIN- $95
45 MIN-$115
60 MIN-$135


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19 thoughts on “Gemini ✨ This Disturbance Ends in Cups and Pentacles ✨ Nov 25th- Dec 15th 2019

  1. What did you say about the ancestors needing something? I bought an elephant and I also bought candles for the new moon. I also placed food 🥘. But what did you say they needed? Because I listen to you regarding that. I would love more videos about taking care of “the alter”

  2. Gemini with Sagittarius rising and Venus in gemini with Sagittarius from his past childhood crush I'm gemini Virgo rising Venus in Taurus sun moon mercury gemini I saw ex gemini in Walgreen this morning we both look each other in the face and we both didn't say HI he went on some were in the store I was in line when he walk in I hit the door got in my truck didn't look back him and Sagittarius drama not I

  3. It's funny that you briefly talked about aliens. I dreamed that I was introduced to what I thought was a baby but it was a alien. Long,skinny jet black skin sort of scaly and 2 long fingers. The people in the dream said he really likes you. Then the guy said you can run and hid but he will find you cuz he likes you. It found me again and I thought I killed it but I woke up saying it's not dead. Just finished watching the video, I have on a lavender workout suit ☀️

  4. Luv your energy girl!!buuuut Yes the Ancient Aliens channel on discovery channel i watch that and my dreams been off the CHAIN🌍..i dreamed last night that I was African walking through sand🤔

  5. I been feeling like I'm pregnant and u done said pregnancy on the aries pisces leo & gemini reading which is my sun moon rising and venus signs….confirmation yaah❣🤰

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