49 thoughts on “Funniest TikTok compilation only British people will understand

  1. There is something about the tik Toks with the sound of 'toxic' that go into the gally beat that aesthetically pleases me 😂

  2. 4:53


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  3. an insulting word for someone, usually a young person, whose way of dressing, speaking, and behaving is thought to show their lack of education and low social class.
    They wear fake chains and jewellery and struggle to speak properly. For example here are some things a chav would say :
    – Ya fuckin wat dikhed?!"
    -"Yo'what nobhed?!"
    -"Wat ya lukin at?!?!!"

    Chavs are also known for stealing from Morrison’s or Tesco’s and then getting my school banned from going there.

    Personally there different stages of chavs.
    Stage 1: girl who puts on lot of makeup and wears Victoria secret perfumes and has that stereotypical girly white girl voice. Their nails are always done and their eyelashes are too big for their eyes. They also stiff their bras.
    Boy who rides a bike and thinks he’s a big man because he gets desperate girls, wears cool shoes, smokes and also walks like he’s crippled. Drinks cheap alcohol and then brags about it. In my school, and I’m pretty sure it’s just in my school they try to teach the Christian girls sexual terms for laughs.

    The next stage of chav is being called a chav cause your dirty: these people usually smell but sometimes they smell like Victoria secret perfume. It varies. I’m my school we buy our school uniform from a specific shop because the head doesn’t want any short skirts and all our prices of uniform have a logo even our skirts. So basically what I’m turn get at is a girl who somehow makes the uniform look like it’s been worn for 10 years. Either her jumper or blazer has somehow turned brown. They eat like pigs. They have handbags but don’t know how to hold them properly.Their tights are always ripped. Their hair looks like a dustbin but even after all that their still trying to act like their posh whilst spitting on the floor.Get detentions for being late.They would accept a date to McDonald’s and somehow feel special.

    The male version rides a bike. Has damaged hair because they dyed it so many times but were asked to dye it back because that colour wasn’t allowed. Is probably a midget. Gets like 1s and 2s on tests. Is extremely dirty as well.If they were to take you out on a date they’ll probably take you to McDonald’s. He wears one earring.

    And the last stage of chav is the ultimate chav: their are two types of these chavs either they are legit or their fake. Legit as in they can actually afford the expensive jewellery they have on but their probably in gang. They wear Adidas crossbody bag and Adidas tracksuit for a living. They have

    The female version: wears uggs, faux fur coats but the fur had to be huge. There hair is up on a back for type bun. When they have school they were glasses (for fashion). They wear necklaces during Pe/Gym. Wear push bras. They are illiterate but somehow get decent grades. But they’re shit at maths. They will also be found sometimes wearing velvet two pieces.

    If you ever want to find a chav. Go to a local park in London or Essex and you’ll find a flock of them. I saw one chasing a dirty pigeon the other day saying “ yo’ what fam”.

    Actually just remembered there is another type of chav ( the older kind over 16) : he listens to trap music. Goes around having sex with girls for £5 and collecting STDs. Teaching year 7s ( 6th Graders) how to steal from shops for a living because they think it makes them hard ( bad boy) ( somehow they thing stealing is cool even though it means your too poor to afford anything. Isn’t it better to show people that you can just swipe your card instead of stealing but whatever) They are in a gang. They listen to trap music. These ones are mostly in the park. They are failing in school.Their parents neglect them. They will try and start fights with any thing smaller than them.

    The female version have their hair with split ends and going from blond to black even though it looks disgusting. They have ill fitting clothes and are illiterate.They have no education. They smell. And basically don’t come to school for most of the year. Some of them have a child with their chav boyfriend. She can be found in the supermarket swearing and smacking her children.

    They are caught saying “ywot” or “innit”. It think I’m done. 😊

  4. You know the guy from the go compare advert. Well I’ve met him just saying and he actually a nice guy. I never understood why people hated him soo much.

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