Funniest Fortnite Tik Tok Meme Compilation v16

Hey guys here is a new SUPER FUNNY compilation with fresh tiktok memes and no stupid tiktok ads in it yeahhh!! oh and btw mcdonalds is way better than kfc so have fun watching this video and you are cool if you used code tibue99 at least once in our life and thank you for reading this far but why are you doin this?? who reads descriptions anyway they only have links with social media thats soooo boring! go buy a burger instead and watch this vid while eating this is the ultimate life experience

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  1. tibue99 says:

    What kind of videos do you want on my channel? 🍔

  2. TheDEMON KISS says:

    1:01 got those chills

  3. Lasse says:

    Almose 400k subs🤩🥳🥳

  4. Wolflink48 says:

    0:31 I dont get it someone explain

  5. Josip0006A says:

    What's This Song in Outro 4:32

  6. aleshaisawesome says:

    Who’s aim is also like this sometimes 0:45

  7. BaconHare says:

    I am dying this is to goo……

  8. Gilberto Ruiz says:

    04:01 that one gay kid/guy

  9. lx-_ Rxflesx says:

    This was stupid

  10. Kai Spiers says:

    I can't watch u anymore cuz I'm 10 what's at the start of ur vid

  11. TSM_fishy _ says:

    But they are sexy #nohomo

  12. Павел Бескоровайный says:

    0:31 what this song

  13. dat boi says:

    Fortnite suck

  14. MostProud Gamer says:

    Tibue is gone for months and all he has to do is go on TikTok and just find Fortnite ones and just combine them and plug his code which he uses to much.

  15. Smg 64bloopers88 says:

    That’s so true lol 1:06

  16. Dudel die Nudel says:

    what was the outro Song?

  17. Car Girl says:

    No One:

    Drift: "dUuUuUdE…my pp is bleeding"

  18. Zanepolski says:

    Change end music to "Lose Control" please

  19. Awesomeness_ gamer says:

    0:19 My favorite when I act like a bot and watch LazarBeam

    3:48 Me when there’s FRICKIN pee or shet in the toilet

  20. Summer Drift says:

    2:14 you mean I use one day shipping but the diver is dead

  21. Summer Drift says:

    I want my cookie Now ores or chocolate chip

  22. Harwin Gaming - Vlogs And More! says:

    “The Tryhards Who Build A 5 Star Hotel With Wifi” IM DYING WITH LAUGHTER XDDDD

  23. Peelygod 12341 says:

    Smash code ceedayy

  24. xXElectro FraXx says:

    Tik tok sucks but fortnait Tik Tok no

  25. Pande 2151 says:

    Hahaha this was so funny I forgot to laugh

  26. Edgar says:

    3:12 3:22

  27. RYAN'S GAMING says:

    My pee pee is bleeding

  28. Ronny says:

    Is not funny is cringe

  29. Kermit De frog says:

    Funniest you mean cringiest?

  30. Zp Owner Cally TMG says:


  31. UH HAHA says:

    bruh 1:16 fr had me dying tho 💀

  32. OvenBakedMochi says:


    Switzerland in both world wars: 2:33

  33. Deniz cruz says:

    Drift not gay like those other skins

  34. GoodOldAdam Boghrissi says:

    Duuude my peepee be bleeding

  35. ItzChurlz :P says:

    It’s back.

    It’s epic.

    It’s better.

  36. Elaine Kirwan says:

    i dont realy care what the fck just happend…..oh i got a notify cation OH SHIT ITS TIBUE

  37. Michael Jackson says:

    Subscribe now all subscribers are SEXY

  38. FuZe_Sizzy says:

    Whats the name of the outro-Song?🤔

    Just Kidding 😂😂🙈

  39. USE CODE: PAPOK2 says:

    Use code:PAPOK2

  40. Trick Shots With The Boys says:

    Luv u vids

  41. lolklauspete yt says:

    Danke für mehr Lebenselexier

  42. MrPixelsx says:

    Let’s all raid Walmart on Black Friday they can’t rise the prices on all of us

  43. Kebab Sauce says:

    Hey How about You make original content

  44. Spicyy says:

    Anyone else a Big Fan?

    I’m gonna śuß to everyone that likes this and sußs to me! 🌹

  45. kermitthefwog 098 says:

    29 sec see more than 24k

  46. collin snyder says:

    I want some longer vids. Every time i finish a video, im like " I WANT MORE!"

  47. Dixie Fincher says:

    Can u post more often cause I love your vids 😇😇😇😇

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