Hey guys here is a new SUPER FUNNY compilation with fresh tiktok memes and no stupid tiktok ads in it yeahhh!! oh and btw mcdonalds is way better than kfc so have fun watching this video and you are cool if you used code tibue99 at least once in our life and thank you for reading this far but why are you doin this?? who reads descriptions anyway they only have links with social media thats soooo boring! go buy a burger instead and watch this vid while eating this is the ultimate life experience

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47 thoughts on “Funniest Fortnite Tik Tok Meme Compilation v16

  1. Tibue is gone for months and all he has to do is go on TikTok and just find Fortnite ones and just combine them and plug his code which he uses to much.

  2. 0:19 My favorite when I act like a bot and watch LazarBeam

    3:48 Me when there’s FRICKIN pee or shet in the toilet

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