My fourth day in South Korea continued after my overnight stay at Beomeosa Temple. Come along with me as my group and I explore the beautiful Haeundae Beach and then head to a local restaurant for an unbelievable royal Korean feast!


As soon as we arrived at Haeundae Beach (the longest beach in Busan), we spotted some huge, incredibly detailed sandcastles. They were beautiful and it was like a big exhibit of sand art. There was even one that looked like King’s Landing from Game of Thrones!

There was a humongous boardwalk that was lined with lots of skyscrapers. The wide beach reminded me of Miami Beach because it was at least 150 feet from the boardwalk to the water. It was a hot day but a little breezy as well. Across the water is Japan!

I loved the skyline. It was very modern, as this is the newer part of the city. The older part of the city is the center, but this area was where the office buildings and helipads were.

Next, it was time for lunch. Sam had been telling me about how amazing this royal feast is for a while, so I couldn’t wait to try it! The restaurant was on the seventh level of a building on a beach that’s more popular with locals. The view was insane!

Our feast began with a mixed plate with duck, salad, bean curd, and more. The bean curd was like a bland, thick, rice-y oatmeal. Then I tried the duck, which was fatty and gamy. The sauce was similar to teriyaki sauce. Next was a sweet potato that was very soft in the middle and hard on the outside.

Next was fatty pork and onion with a spicy sauce. There were peppers that looked like a jalapeno but were way hotter. There was also pork with sesame seeds, which was fatty and gelatinous. There was a lot of spice in it! I was really loving the pork in Korea.

I followed that with shrimp with veggies, teriyaki pumpkin, and a sweet potato glass noodle dish with eggs. The noodles were unreal! They had an almost spongy texture. The teriyaki pumpkin was crunchy, and the shrimp with carrots and egg had lots of different flavors.

Then I tried the sweet, marinated beef, which reminded me of the hot pot beef I’d had in China. It contained mushrooms and sprouts and was super tender and flavorful! It’s the number one dish in Korea with foreigners.

We cleansed out palates next with a black raspberry wine called Bokbunjajoo, which was like a less-strong raspberry rakia. Then I went with the fried eel, which had a nice glaze on it. It was very crunchy, like eel tempura. Then I moved on to shrimp tempura. It had a light tempura batter with a vegetable underneath it!

After some sweet plum wine, I had some fermented soybean soup, five herbs with peanuts and mushrooms, some special kimchi, and more! The soup also contained crab. I added some of the mushrooms, which added a wild freshness.

The kimchi was really fresh and was covered in a spicy, red sauce. The tofu from the soup was really soft and flavorful. I loved the big chunks of crab and herbs. We finished with a syrupy and milky rice drink and fresh pineapple!

What an epic meal! Then we headed to an outdoor fish market. There was lots of fish, clams, crab, snails, and more. The market was huge! The port area was breathtaking with the water, bridges, buildings, and mountains in the background.

Inside the main building was endless seafood at hundreds of stalls, including fish I’d never seen! There were snakefish, octopus, sea urchin, and more. It was so diverse in terms of seafood!

Outside is the Busan International Film Festival grounds, where there’s lots of street food! I couldn’t wait to come back and explore more!

I hope you enjoyed exploring more of Busan with me! If you did, please give me a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food videos!

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  2. My family left Busan in 1962 on a steam train. The Haeunda was not even like now. Is Yungdo Bridge still there? I keep telling myself that I should go back there and see how it has changed, and haven't gotten around doing that. There was a small hill, rice paddies, and wide field where I used to play as a little child. All I remember is Typhoon Sarah and that was the biggest event that I can remember. The time has flown and it is nothing like how it was then. By the way, Dave you do not chew enough LOL. You eat like everything is so very yummy.

  3. Hey David, I would suggest to you to cover that rising sun tattoo at least while travel around East Asia even though you didn't mean or know about it, It reminds them a traumatic massacre from Japan. Great video tho.

  4. 이분ᆢ영상잘보구있다가ᆢ저는영어도모르고ᆢ이분은번역기돌리면서ᆢ뎃글보는거같은데ᆢ일본전범기랑ᆢ나치전범기랑같다는걸ᆢ?😱😱

  5. 정신나간 미친 양섹휘가 팔에 전범기 새긴거 보소.
    저러고 나찌는 극혐이겠지.
    역사적 사실을 알게되면 나중에라도 팔 좀 가리고 다니세요.

  6. A Japanese army carrying the rising sun flag attacked Pearl Harbor, killing many American soldiers. Why did you get that tattoo as an American?

  7. 우웩 이분 팔에 욱일기 문신하고 온나라 돌아다니시네

    개무식의 극치다ㄷㄷ.. 저러고 나치 문양은 극도로 싫어하겠지ㅋ

  8. cd lee 영어 를 얼마나잘하고 발음이 얼마나 좋길래 그래도 노력하는왜국인한테 (1 주일정도 한국에머무는데)
    발음고치네? 여기유럽에와봐, 왜국어 실력이 얼마나 대단한지 들어보게?
    I wished I would love to herd the way you speaks English??

  9. 야채가 많이 들어간 한식은 많이 먹어도 살이 찌지않아요…많이드세요..👏
    먹어면서 방송하기가 쉽지않은데…느낌을 잘 표현해 주셔서 감사드려요…
    한국에 머무는 동안 즐거운 여행하세요…👏👏👏👍🙆‍♂️

  10. 당신 팔에 일본 전범기 무늬는 정말 보기 싫어요
    아시아를 여행하면서 부끄럽지 않나요?
    그 무늬가 어떤걸 의미하는지.모른다면 꼭 검색해보길 바래요

  11. Is 15-item menu surprising to you? Not really to Koreans. Go to Korean restaurants in Jeonra-do, or simply google 전라도 밥상 (This is just for the aristocratic class): https://www.google.com/search?biw=1131&bih=913&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=z7pfXa6HDsLbwQK_jJD4Dw&q=%EC%A0%84%EB%9D%BC%EB%8F%84+%EB%B0%A5%EC%83%81&oq=%EC%A0%84%EB%9D%BC%EB%8F%84+%EB%B0%A5%EC%83%81&gs_l=img.3…4499.6113..6242…2.0..0.76.952.14……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0j35i39.N9_Sm6mqvS8&ved=0ahUKEwjuqvLB35jkAhXCbVAKHT8GBP8Q4dUDCAY&uact=5

  12. Omg I don't eat that kind of food but seeing him taste and eat made me hungry. Good video of Korea and beautiful beach!!

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