33 thoughts on “Fly Over Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon – Vietnam Best Aerial Drone Flycam Footage 1080p HD

  1. I visited this town for a while, what can i say it just a great city. Among two days i'll go to Da Lat & Mui nie, Vietnam such a good country to attract tourist with their amazing culture. greet from Malaysia 😘

  2. Good Ole Vietnam! I was first in Vietnam in 1958, then 1969, then 1999, & 2006… I always
    felt with the hearts of Vietnamese. They (you!) are SO (!) stubborn, (& creative!) and I dreamed Vietnam, you, would someday become great. Well here it comes!  Look at THIS:   Best wishes forever, Chalmers Benedict “Chip” Wood II.. I will return AGAIN!  Congratulations Vietnam et al. Congratulations EVERY one of you, my dear old friends of more than half a century!!!  

  3. Sau những đau thương mất mát của chiến tranh việt nam đang vực dậy từng ngày cảm ơn ng đã làm video ❤❤❤❤

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