Fit Image to Canvas Automatically in Photoshop

Is there a “Fit to Canvas” option in Photoshop? Of course, there is! But it’s named differently. Learn how to automatically resize and fit images to canvas in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we’ll explore ways to not only import, resize and fit your images to the given canvas automatically but also learn to fit canvas to the image! Looking at strategies to handle very huge images on a small canvas or vice versa, this video covers all you need to know about automatic and manual resizing in Photoshop.

Unlike other Adobe applications like InDesign, etc. Photoshop does not exactly have such an option that allows you to fit anything to canvas. However, there exists something very similar if you add the images a little differently. That’s what we are going to talk about in this Photoshop tutorial. Hope this video helps you!

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  1. Petra Strübing says:

    I dont understand when I cant see what commands using. Please write it also on the screen because otherwise it is difficult to understand that english.

  2. James Rumbaugh says:

    Thank you !!!!!!!!! Struggling with this when I realized I didn't have the correct dimensions for my ebook cover. Now I do, thanks to you.

  3. Susan Molnar says:

    Thank you! Just what I was looking for. Your style is very precise and clear!

  4. Baishakhi Biswas says:


  5. angeltread says:

    for some reason my pref of "resize image during place" doesnt work… wazup?

  6. WanZoro says:

    came for the trim and reveal the info splendidly..thank you so much bro!

  7. Ed van der Veer says:

    Thanks for sharing Unmesh, but is it me or are you talking faster than a few lessons back? 😉

  8. Deep s says:

    Sir image resize for Instagram pe video bnao na

  9. Aamir Xaffar Siddiqi says:

    Thank you, honestly you are the best savior. You are my munshi (teacher) not only for this issue but every issue you resolve for beginners

  10. AzBo 93 says:

    MY problem: tick "show transform Controls" under the select option.

  11. Mikkel Larsen says:

    Why isn't it possible to have Photoshop automatically expand the photo to fill the canvas, and not leave the blank spaces on the side? How is this achieved?

  12. Fernando Gutierrez A. says:

    you are very charismatic

  13. GBLynden's RC says:

    I don’t think you talk fast enough and overlook what PC users would need to do 🤦‍♂️

  14. Paddy Shaw says:

    who puts this amount of effort into facial hair being so clean and sharp and then leaves a freaking momobrow?

  15. Crystal Whitlow says:

    Many many thanks!!!

  16. Aimee Thomson says:


  17. Cars and Cameras says:

    Having trouble taking a panorama & sizing it to a single, regular jpeg so someone can look at without a magnifying glass or at least see it similar to how I'm seeing it in photoshop

  18. Allen Suh says:

    im having issues with photoshop and resizing imported images. I imported this image and theres a box and x that appears so i can resize it freely. 1) however it stays to scale Id like to change the image size to a specific dimensions. and 2) once i try to move the image below other layers I can not get back into the image resizing with the box and x. photoshop is not intuitive at all and having major issues. thanks!

  19. Mahendra Saraf says:

    hey can you please tell me… how to fit image in selected area in canvas ?

  20. Mr.Kristian252 says:

    I came here because of this 6:48
    Thanks man!

  21. ALL IN ONE says:

    very stylist, like it

  22. theterminaldave says:

    Careful though, i hit shift T and my type tool changed to vertical, had to hit shift + T twice to get it back to normal

  23. Vaithy Vaithiyanathan says:

    Very useful..

  24. Pritam Pawar says:

    hello … i need a help guys. am using adobe photoshop 2k18 and am facing some problems…. if i create 960 by 960 document and import any image so its working very well but whenever i make ( 336 – 280 , 300 – 250 , 728- 90 ) my every single image is pixelatting…. idk why so anyone have any idea pls revert

  25. Sofia Palm says:

    I want to fit several images to a HDTV canvas or mainly the vertical side just by drag and dropping. How can I go about that??

  26. Remy M. Ndow says:

    Question: What if your picture is smaller as your canvas and you wanna resize the picture so it scales up to fit your canvas? Thanks!

  27. Shekhar Ch Sarkar says:

    Many thanks to you Bro you are a good Teacher .

  28. High Beach Resort says:

    But all you have shown is how to do it manually, despite the title saying how to do it automatically.

    I am trying to fit the whole canvas AUTOMATICALLY (resize the photo's largest dimension to fit the canvas)

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