FENDER AMERICAN ULTRA JAZZMASTER REVIEW | In Depth Review of the Mocha Burst Beauty!

With the introduction of the new Fender American Ultra Series one has to wonder if these new guitars are truly better than the Fender American Elite models that they replace. The new Fender American Ultra Series represents Fender’s most advanced series of guitars and basses to date. Built for discerning player who demands precision, performance and tone, the American Ultra Series focuses on modern refinements while still staying true to the original Fender formula. That formula, established by Leo Fender, has always been to provide musicians with the very best tools for their craft.
The New Fender American Ultra Series also represents the first time that Fender has offered a Jazzmaster in the top of the line American series. There was not an American Deluxe Jazzmaster nor an American Elite Jazzmaster. Prior to this the Jazzmaster was only available as streamlined American Professional guise or the vintage appointed American Original, Vintera and modern Player Series. Now players can finally get their hands on a Jazzmaster with NOISELESS PICKUPS! Fender has also taken advantage of the S-1 switch and pre-existing Jazzmaster electronic architecture to deliver a guitar that has many of us excited! Check out our in depth review of the Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster – before Cooper buys one…too late!

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  1. David S says:

    Check out Cooper’s earlier JM reviews and the sounds he gets out of those are every but as good as this Ultra. Not sure if the Ultra bling brings much to the table.

  2. Craig Thomson says:

    Need a left- handed option.

  3. James Lucenti says:

    Its like,hey we're manufacturing a guitar and we'll put 11-48's on it rather the 10-46's…whatever,lol

  4. David Kastin says:

    Sounds excellent and looks great. Love the color 🎸

  5. Michael Mattson says:

    I hear a lot of potential with instrument. Thanks

  6. anthony baltusis says:

    Oh look! More of the same, just renamed,by Fender……………..yeaaaaaa…………

  7. MJP says:

    To many jive out of phase "tones" ….just stick to Leo's original concept….upper bout controls for rhythm and the lower controls for lead. Just speaking for the actual jazz guitar community here.

  8. Cheng Yang says:

    Need me that one.

  9. luckyno888 says:


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