Nigel Farage has warned the Prime Minister not to “reheat” Theresa May’s Brexit deal or voters will flock to Brexit Party “in huge numbers”.

Speaking at the party’s conference in London, Farage said the Tories would “realise nothing has changed” if they stick to the hated document.

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34 thoughts on “Farage warns Boris Johnson not to ‘reheat’ Theresa May’s Brexit deal

  1. Nigel Farage has been caught off camera telling supporters that the state-funded NHS should move towards an insurance-based system run by private companies. No thanks!!

  2. If Boris can do Brexit on October 31 then it's Bo ris, Bo ris, Bo ris….If not it's Ni gel, Ni gel, Ni gel…..If there is a general election before Brexit then it's NI GEL, NI GEL, NI GEL!!!!!!!

  3. The Eton old boys aren't bothered about a deal. They have offshore accounts, plummeting pound means more pounds for them, and freedom from regulation means they can screw the workforce, not to mention percentage deals with America. Basically they can enslave Britain. Working conditions might return to those of Victorian Britain, an era Mogg sees as a '.golden age' Right wing groups are catching on to the fact that the rich boys are using them as pawns in a sort of War game, to be used then dumped. Having studied war strategies, Cummings and Boris see lies as a pathway to win, and having media teams – even here on youtube you'll see columns of 'Bring on brexit' written by anonymous authors.

    Don't be daft enough to take anything you read or hear at face value, we live in a new age of manipulative strategies rather than honesty.

    As for Nige here, he just wants what Boris is gonna get.

  4. People voted out so let’s get out SNP u need voted out as well Scots voted to leave and all the money saved perhaps more in our pockets more money to stop centres getting closed down more money to fix potholes

  5. Pathetic, guy wants his job in the EU, and would have no idea of what to do of Britain apart from leaving the comunity.
    Nothing, zero, an absolute political parisite.

  6. Try and view the Piers Morgan interview he gave about the Illiberal,s who will do anything they can to destroy you, your business, and your life. He mentions how no one can tell a joke anymore, or they will destroy your career. Try and get sight of this interview, and lets spread it worldwide, we are up against a real enemy with no guts, just stealth.

  7. A Brexit deal is like No-Brexit – maybe evil? I love all wrong deals our goverments but if the British people have to pay the price for the next 500 years then better "No-Deal!"

  8. Theresa May's attempts to deal with Brexit were shambolic. It was like watching one of Leonardo Vinci's comic operas. Boris, for all his faults, appears to be trying to get us out of the EU.

  9. EU are dictators and they won't take no for an answer. Even when people tell them multiple times. You have to vote in favour of Brexit because once you lose your country you will never ever get it back! This time they will lose everything. So vote and make sure that they lose their undemocratic obtained power

  10. I thought Farage was all for the Norway option? He has changed his mind, can we? Boris voted for May's WA. Who can we trust? Lets have another vote to get a true temperature of the supposed will of the people. And then we can get JC4PM to heal the divide in this country caused by 9 long years of Tory and Lib Dem austerity driven misrule.

  11. I can't remember seeing deal or no deal on the ballot paper, I just saw leave or remain. Naturally, I'm a patriotic British citizen so I voted to escape… I mean, leave 😐

  12. The German economy is collapsing and it’s accelerating Germany is the powerhouse that holds up the European economy.These remain mp are absolutely reprehensible in their attempts to keep us tethered to this economic death spiral

  13. The three V's – The elite take away our Voice with Hate Speech laws, then they make our Vote meaningless by overturning the Referendum result. All we have left is Violence.

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