31 thoughts on “‘famous relative check’ tiktok compilation

  1. But then again the girl who’s related to tom holland might be fake because why would she have him as his full name in her contacts..

  2. I know that know one probably knows her but one of my relatives is the person who got people as in actors singers and models to do specific things like she got Cole Sprouse and kJ apa to do riverdale and did a convention with Madilin pestch ( sorry about my spelling ) and i also went to a wedding photo shoot for a wedding dress company I was helping with the props

  3. These MFs saying they related to certain celebs and then they just show a person who looks like that person 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Aren't we all related in some way because Adam and Eve are all of us ancestors so……like WE RELATED TO FAMOUS PEOPLE AHHHHH

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