Family Feud Cold Open – SNL

Host Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) welcomes Avengers and Game of Thrones stars, like Thor (Alex Moffat), Thanos (Beck Bennett), Lady Brienne of Tarth (Kate Mckinnon), Tormund Giantsbane (Mickey Day), and Brandon Stark (Kyle Mooney), to play Family Feud.

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  1. Luis Hernandez lll says:

    “Bitch I’m groot” 😂😂😂😂

  2. MrPooPooJohn says:

    Finally a character Leslie Jones can't fuck up. lol

  3. Uncomfortable Feelings says:

    There has to be more!

  4. andrea stars music says:

    Bitch I’m grood

  5. Underrated Critic says:

    Melissa's eyebrows were on point.

  6. Eddie Mack says:

    SNL sucks lately. It's more fucking commercials than content.

  7. conmando says:

    snl has become unwatchable.

  8. Peege Clarke says:

    Poop emoji… omfg rofl lol xyz pdq!

  9. melissa smith says:

    This one was so funny

  10. Cole Roberson says:

    This is cringe, not funny

    Change my Mind

  11. Jon Dunmore says:

    Is that really Okoye?

  12. Jeromy Chavez says:

    Bitch I'm Groot!

  13. christansdad says:

    Thankfully I have never seen Avengers nor Game of Thrones so this intro is lost on me.

  14. dominick strain says:

    You picked on scientology, now your so sued!!! I am gonna sue you in England

  15. Yo boi says:

    Bitch I'm Groot

  16. Yo boi says:

    So Thanos is an Avenger now

  17. David Holzer says:

    Cecily strong as melissandre hot

  18. Ant D says:

    I was expecting it to be more funny

  19. MizzFelli says:

    Bran 😂😂

  20. The Outsider says:

    Doing Bran dirty by making him a handicap-able stoner.

  21. The Outsider says:

    Thanos ain’t an Avenger tho it’s like adding the Night King to House Stark

  22. Ms So says:

    "Bitch I'm Groot"….lol.

  23. Tina Pinto says:

    i saw this on tv like a few weeks ago and haven’t thought about it since, but just now i was trying to sleep bc it’s like 2 am and then all of a sudden i couldn’t stop saying bitch i’m groot in my head and i started tearing up from laughing so much someone help me

  24. Naomi Yokoi says:

    Lmao Kate had to wear hella heels

  25. Chaim Goldstein says:

    This Was Cringey As Fuck

  26. puppy squad-OMG says:

    Bitch I'm groot

  27. charles simmons says:

    Nice to see SNL doing some real comedy again.

  28. crilywms24 says:

    Okay, let's go over to okra 💀💀💀

  29. KyletheSportsWizard says:

    My favorite part is "Show me some kind of white nonsense!!!!"

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