Fallout 4 thrusts players into a massive world with danger lurking around every corner. In the turbulent wasteland that is the 2287 Commonwealth, there are thankfully, a variety of items available to the Sole Survivor to keep the various threats of universe at bay. Fallout 4 offers a selection of hundreds of different objects and items the player can use to fight off their foes and cleanse the Commonwealth. And some tools available in the game are particularly unique, rare or otherwise somewhat lesser known by most players and these secret pieces of equipment are among the game’s most fascinating. So today we’ll be taking our third look at five more secret and unique weapons you may have missed in Fallout 4.

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26 thoughts on “Fallout 4: 5 Secret and Unique Weapons You May Have Missed – Fallout 4 Secrets (Part 3)

  1. I’ve always played stealth sniper, but ever since I discovered that Kremvh's Tooth isn’t the weapon but merely a mod on a machete, my favourite weapon has become a penetrating Kremvh’s Tooth.

  2. Nate do what you gotta do to entertain people but please for the love of God stop the puns! My face shriveled into my skull it was so cringey

  3. The corpse in the room with the Gainer is also a reference to Snatcher, a game by Atari iirc. The dev also says that on his tweet thread.

  4. You can get the cryonator by means of dog meat at an early level without lock picking. However, if you use it, it'll make the game crash.

  5. I got my first railway rifle in my first play through when I sided with the brotherhood lol sorry railroad I love you guys.

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