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Etude House Hot Styling Bubble Hair Color Review in #7 Khaki Brown (Virgin hair)


Song: Turn the Page (Instrumental) – By: Alexander Bergil
20K Subscriber Giveaway!

OMG you guys are amazing. How is this even real life? thank you so much for helping me hit 20k.. I’m blown away…

1. Must be a subscriber
2. Leave me a comment:
– what country you’re from
– What DIY you want me to make for you
3. You can only enter once

DIY’s included in Giveaway. Winner’s can choose one of the following:

1. DIY Kpop screen print t-shirt
2. Phone Case
3. KPOP Patch
4. Mug Decal (decal only, mug not included)

Any questions? Leave them in the comment section. Thanks 🙂

Lots of love,


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  1. shannon lucky says:

    how is your hair now? is it dry? does it fade into a lighter shade??? im scared of dying it😭😭 but i really want to tryyy

  2. zezegal says:

    i clicked bc of rosé idk y lol

  3. Kay Diana says:

    Is this temporary ?

  4. Joey Lim says:

    Is your hair dry after you using this?

  5. Takwa kachoud says:

    Les francais???

  6. hanh thu says:

    Sao ra nắng ra sắc đỏ v nè.

  7. HN Smith says:

    Where can I purchase this product ?. My natural hair color is Black, now it covered with full of grey, so What is the most matching color to my natural black color that you can recommend in this product ?. I really your video. Thanks.

  8. HN Smith says:

    Is this Etude House Hot Styling Bubble Coloring in #7 Khaki Brown (Virgin hair) Permanent coloring ?. I like your hair. I have lots of grey hair now. Please let me know. Thank you.

  9. Kawaii Lola says:

    Ooh we chose the same colour! Actually it's currently marinating as I watch this video 😂

  10. Faylena _ says:

    I live in opelika Alabama. In the u.s and would love the kpop patches

  11. ShOrTwTaFvIdS -_- says:

    Is dat thing long lasting 🙁

  12. Jayleen Gonzales says:

    Congrats!! Im from the U.S. and I would love to win the T-shirt!

  13. Fatema Jaynab says:

    Congrats on 20K!!! Love the hair by the way. I am a new subscriber but I watched all of your DIYs and I just love them. I will try some of the DIYs in the future when I am not broke.^-^ I'm from the U.S and if I do get chosen then I would like the Screen Print T-Shirt. Also I hope you keep making more Kpop DIYs.

  14. inspiremeelle says:

    You dyed your hair bro!!!!! 💕💕💕 so cute!!! And congrats on 20K!!! YAS!!!!

  15. chogiwayo says:

    Hey vicky :)) I'm loving your channel so much and it's giving me so much inspo haha. I'm from Australia and one of those screen print shirts would be so cool. Congrats on the 20k, you deserve it 😀

  16. jungkookie monster says:

    1: I am from Colorado USA
    2: I would love a got7 phone case (galaxy s7). please and thank you.

  17. Rainy! says:

    1.i'm from the netherlands!
    2. you already did patches so make instagram/kpop inspired pins! oh and congrats to 20k!! i'm a new fan but i'm not gonna unsubscribe btw! srry for bad ebglish lol😝😝

  18. SundayMorningGirl says:

    Congrats on 20k! I am kind of really new to this K-Pop thingy but I love your DIYs and your stuff! 🙂

    I am from Germany and I would love to get one of those printed T-Shirts! 🙂

  19. StacyJune says:

    Vicky! You've made it! YouTube fame!! Keep it up 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. samie says:

    Im From The United States and a kpop patch would be very nice :))))

  21. Glückskatze says:

    Congrats for 20k! 😀
    I'm from Germany and I really like to have a phone case :>
    I love your videos so much :3
    I try many of them and they're so cool 😀

    Have a great day! ;D

  22. LeLe says:

    hi thank you sm for this giveaway and congrats on 20k subs you really deserve it, im from the netherlands/holland idk if you know it its a pretty small country lol. if i would win i would like a screen print shirt i found that a really cool DIY and i would love it if you could mkae me one it looked so good 🙂

  23. studycupcake says:

    Congratulations for 20k Subscribers! I watched all of your videos ! They are really awesome. I live in Germany (it's a little far away). Well, if I'll get chosen I'd like a Screen print T-Shirt.
    And I tried some of you DIYs and they are really good… I made the one with the GOT7-lightening thing instead of GOT7 I had B.A.P for their Concert in Frankfurt and my friends were asking how I did it. I sent them the link from your DIY-Vid. The are really satisfied of you

  24. Willow Panda says:

    Congratulations on 20K!! I am from Australia and I would love to see room decor items such as pencil holders or something on a bookshelf. Congratulations again, you totally deserve it!!!

  25. rebecca lee says:

    Hello! As you can see I'm a ARMY. To be more specific I am a ARMY from the United States. I'm guessing you're from Canada which means we are rivals but nah fam. TBH I want to move to Canada. I would like to see crafts of k pop DIY pins as well as some k pop school supplies and t shirts. People are commenting what they want but in the description and video it only said to state the country and DIY ideas. If we do need to then I really don't care what I receive. I'm thankful for anything and also thankful for finding your channel. Have a nice day!

  26. Hani Im says:

    Giveaway Entry:
    I'm from the US
    I would kill for a screen print t-shirt!

    You're so smart for your first dye, which is the opposite of me when I first dyed my hair. lol

  27. shaila salinas says:

    Congratulations on surpassing 20K subscribers! I live in the United States, and if I do get chosen, I would like a screen printed shirt :')

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