33 thoughts on “ESPN SportsCenter NOT Top 10 Plays of the Month | May 2019

  1. Alright, please, someone who follow football ( Soccer ) , at 2:10 , clearly a fake. Is there some kind of punishment afterward or he get nothing? I really need to know.

  2. The no. 4 not top 10 is so shameful. The player who flopped or dove needs to be suspended and when they hand out these type of penalties they definitely need to go to instant replay.

  3. That right there is why soccer or futbol is the worse sport on the planet. I'd rather have shards of glass in my eyes than watch that stupid faker sport

  4. They need to start fining aggressive diving in soccer. That is literally the only way to slow it down. They use replay way after the fact to fine/suspend players in other sports. Do the same please.

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