Episode 109 – War on TikTok

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  1. Ben frp says:

    Theres a man on the loose in Toronto right now going around dumping buckets of pee and poo mixed together over peoples heads. y'all gotta look into it…… he's being called the peepee-poopoo man …….

  2. Nick Paynter says:

    Nothing better than eating lunch while listening to bowl and Cody talk about hot diarea

  3. Viivi says:

    for some reason their voices always put me to sleep.. which is great because i don't get enough sleep but i also miss out on the jokes because i'm too lazy to listen to them again

  4. Erica Raths says:

    Do you guys hire a voice actor off Fiver for that tour intro? 😂 love it

  5. Lee Jabar says:

    Why do i feel like im watching 2000s MTV ?

  6. Victor Salazar says:

    This episode sucked

  7. Max Hägerstrand says:

    what was the ”brutal tragedy” that noel didnt wanna go into?

  8. Nyota says:

    Idk where this podcast has gone, but after my second existential crisis, I’m here for this beautiful bullshit!

  9. Kahekili Yung says:

    When you live on the big island of Hawaii :0

  10. Annoying Doggo says:

    Even in my planet? Zx391?!?!

  11. First Name Last Name says:

    I’m trying to buy a VIP ticket for the Philadelphia show. Please and thank you

  12. last karma says:

    Uh-Oh was my childhood! everyday after school lol…when YTV was actually good.

  13. Jake Breuer says:

    Noel and cody pls help, i live in colorado and i’m only fifteen and i need to go to your show, if i buy a ticket will you just not let me in or what pls help me pls

  14. What’s his face you know that guy says:

    Anyone selling VIP tickets to the Philadelphia show?

  15. Heidi Lopez says:

    “Figure it out” U.S. version show

  16. Rebekah N says:

    You know how some ppl are interviewed and you just roll your eyes at their exaggeration? That woman probably couldn't exaggerate enough. PTSD for life. I can't believe she was pulled out of her car.

  17. luis gabriel rosales says:

    I'm so glad that the first podcast I click from you has a 30 minute talk about hot diarrhea

  18. Schezreh Nauman says:

    I was driving while listening to this podcast and had quite literally the exact reaction Noel said we would at 14:19

  19. Alexyss Linn says:

    every time i thought y’all were done with the shit talk….. 🤢

  20. Lmomjian says:

    what the fuck 49:38 bobby shmurda is a gangster whose gang has murdered people

  21. Seth Torres says:

    noel looks hella short in this podcast

  22. max havekost says:

    2 grown men laughing about poop

  23. Gloria Martinez says:

    Highly recommend watching this during breakfast

  24. jan s says:

    if the new year’s eve song isn’t about balls dropping I don’t want to hear it

  25. Thomas Shenher says:


  26. jan s says:

    you really have to talk about diarrhea while I drink coffee

  27. Ass Master says:

    Why didn’t y’all talk about the Logan Ksi fight

  28. Nadia Keaton says:

    i love yallll

  29. Zoe BoyteT says:

    My brightness is completely down and it just took me. 10 full minutes. To realize it’s split screen. They’re. Not together

  30. hjkl says:

    Pls go on h3 podcast already

  31. Madroon says:

    Did they already fire their "Jamie"?
    When I heard him ask how to spell something, and couldn't produce info on a few questions… I knew his time was coming to an end.
    And then he told a story and killed the entire vibe.

  32. Powell Mathewson says:

    who was the person who died?

  33. Professional Gopnik says:

    The thing with the new COPPA stuff is that marking your channel as "Not for kids" is the only way to get ads, content marked as "For kids" is not allowed to have ads on it, at least not targeted ads.

  34. Yxnglame says:

    idk why I like this format more.

  35. Professional Gopnik says:

    This was not a good episode to watch while sick

  36. Fernanda Murillo says:

    welcome to the tmg shit episode.. this time literally

  37. 5 ft 4 in Protagonist says:

    I think Kurtis Connor mentioned Uh Oh in a video

  38. Caleb King says:

    Noel sitting the way he is looks like his legs only a foot long.

  39. Sammi Price says:

    did noel just start a navy scandal

  40. Samantha Lamaster says:

    I’ve already got my tickets for Dallas. I got the pre hang out and front row tickets. I’m deceased.

  41. Meriam F says:

    It’s crazy that u guys talked about the shit story cuz the same thing happened at the university of Toronto yesterday. A man dumped a bucket of shit on someone in the library

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