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41 thoughts on “Episode 109 – War on TikTok

  1. Theres a man on the loose in Toronto right now going around dumping buckets of pee and poo mixed together over peoples heads. y'all gotta look into it…… he's being called the peepee-poopoo man …….

  2. for some reason their voices always put me to sleep.. which is great because i don't get enough sleep but i also miss out on the jokes because i'm too lazy to listen to them again

  3. Noel and cody pls help, i live in colorado and i’m only fifteen and i need to go to your show, if i buy a ticket will you just not let me in or what pls help me pls

  4. You know how some ppl are interviewed and you just roll your eyes at their exaggeration? That woman probably couldn't exaggerate enough. PTSD for life. I can't believe she was pulled out of her car.

  5. I was driving while listening to this podcast and had quite literally the exact reaction Noel said we would at 14:19

  6. My brightness is completely down and it just took me. 10 full minutes. To realize it’s split screen. They’re. Not together

  7. Did they already fire their "Jamie"?
    When I heard him ask how to spell something, and couldn't produce info on a few questions… I knew his time was coming to an end.
    And then he told a story and killed the entire vibe.

  8. The thing with the new COPPA stuff is that marking your channel as "Not for kids" is the only way to get ads, content marked as "For kids" is not allowed to have ads on it, at least not targeted ads.

  9. It’s crazy that u guys talked about the shit story cuz the same thing happened at the university of Toronto yesterday. A man dumped a bucket of shit on someone in the library

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