[ENG SUB] Funny pool game with Shin Se Kyung and Noh Sa Yeon


  1. ariana petrova says:


  2. L d says:

    This episode is funniest, even I watch now and I can’t control myself, Tuna noona, kwangsoo , Gary, Ji suk Jin

  3. mrkiannn says:

    Ah the Legendary Tuna. This brings back so many fond memories.

  4. Sam Diesel says:

    What song title during tuna scene

  5. Nic - Nic Caudina says:

    This is one of the funniest episodes of running man.

  6. Malin says:

    I miss tuna noona and gary

  7. ilovelinky says:

    Gary’s laugh is just too adorable

  8. Homo SapienAS says:

    At 3.45 a.m…im laughing so hard u know

  9. Malin says:

    My stomach kkk
    And the laugh of Gary

  10. Jenn Dela Cruz says:

    Kwang soo and tuna noona is very funny

  11. Mai Linh says:

    What is episode ?

  12. Jade Nguyen says:

    man, i miss gary. 💔

  13. iamnotjack says:

    This almost killed him. The tuna lady is hilarious

  14. Ruby Eseque says:

    Im so much enjoy this funny running man with shin se kyung

  15. Nopnanta Jirananta says:

    Si cute. Shin.

  16. dooseobmey says:

    Even her screams are so cute.

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