Endless Summer resort Surfside Inn and Suites full resort review 2 bedroom pool view suite amenities

Surfside Inn and Suites full resort review 2 bedroom pool view suite amenities

Full resort review: 2 bedroom pool view suite, pool, cafe, gift shop, lobby, starbucks, sandbar, game room, day and night pool tour

Where are we today? Today we are checking out the grand opening of Surfside inn and Suites which is part of Universal/ Lowe’s Endless Summer Resort. This is the least expensive of the Universal affiliated hotels and has large suites in addition to standard queen rooms. We’ve been following news on this property since it was announced and are excited to finally check it out.
The décor here is a breezy modern surf style and it’s minimalistic approach feels fun and beachy. The lobby is large and inviting with plenty of seating and opens up to a view of the pool.
We’ve just gotten our room keys and we are ready to check out our room and then then spend the afternoon at the pool but first we are going to go look for the gift shop. Surfside might be a value hotel but that doesn’t mean it will be lacking many of the amenities of the more expensive Lowe’s properties. As always, everything you need to enjoy a vacation is available at the gift shop. From souvenirs and clothing to sunscreen you will find what you are looking for in great style.
This is really an incredible value. The rooms are bright, super spacious and have great storage, plenty of usb ports to charge everyone’s electronics and it’s really beautiful. The beds are firm, the pillows are comfy.
The kitchen has a great sized kitchen table, microwave, plates, bowls, spoons, and plasticware along with a fridge and microwave.
There are built in drawers and a closet in the separate room to store clothing.
There is a coffee station in each room as well.
We are very comfortable as a family of five in this room and can see ourselves staying here to be closer to the parks.
Now that we’ve explored the room in detail, let’s go check out the pool area!
As with most Universal Properties there is a Starbucks so you can get your latte without leaving the resort.
There is one pool at Surfside to enjoy, but it is large and centrally located. It doesn’t go over 3.6 feet deep which makes this an especially enjoyable pool for lounging or those with small children. You can find lifejackets, sunscreen, and swim diapers available complimentary and the kids will have a blast.
If you get thirsty, the Sandbar is available right next to the pool area that offers both non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. No food is served poolside but there is a café right inside if you get hungry. Here we have the making of a Tidal Wave, one of Surfside’s signature cocktail. Made with vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and grenadine, it is very refreshing!
Thank you! My husband is having a local craft beer and I’m excited to try my cocktail.
After hanging out by the pool all afternoon we are hungry! This is the café inside the hotel. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and at reasonable prices. The dining room is spacious, clean and comfortable so definitely check it out! The hotel is located on I drive which makes it super close to any kind of dining you can think of. You have choices.
There is a game room next to the café that has brand new modern games that everyone enjoys!
There was a live band in the lobby but we are going back to the pool to end our day. At night it is lit up beautifully and the pool is open til 11.

source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. The Woodburns says:

    Wow! It’s like a perfect place for a holiday!

  2. Noemi Amaro says:

    Its the pool a heated pool???

  3. Darren Hissitt says:

    fantastic review looking forward to staying end of Aug ! did you get a good night's sleep as my partner worrying about thin walls ceilings etc , looks amazing though

  4. Utuh Nagara says:

    nice video

  5. Kids Learn With Toys says:

    This is amazing.. loved the shot when u moved the camera towards the window of the room.. and the pool side drink 🙂 do you guys stay at home at all? 😛 waiting for more n more adventures

  6. The Adventures of Jonah and Jude says:

    What an awesome place! I can’t beside it was the least expensive of the group! 😳 the rooms are beautiful and the pool looks awesome! Now I need to get down there to enjoy! 💕❤️

  7. Magdala & Donald says:

    I realized your channel name changed, I really like the new name, the previous one was also nice, however this one says a a lot more about your channel guys, well done

  8. HotMamaTravel says:

    Oh this looks like a cool resort, love a fun poolside cocktail. My kids would love the arcade and the pool at night was so pretty.

  9. Anette Carolin says:

    Great review! Looks amazing . They even have a Shop . We like The pool. You did a great video, But for me was a little too Fast filming .

  10. Crosley’s Toy Party says:

    Those surf boards are cool. Love the big wide open room. Cool split screen. Love the wood work wave. Looks like a great place to stay. Cool shop 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙 new supporter here

  11. Momma Friendly says:

    I swear, I could probably make a whole trip of just checking out resorts. I haven’t been to universal in ages, so there’s plenty I have to see! 💕 this resort looks awesome.

  12. Jason Jacobs says:

    Love the voice over and the wood work at 1:56. The music is very cool and calming. Love listening to it with the great cinematography. Awesome job on this video. Makes me want to go there.

  13. Blue Moon says:

    Such a great place to stay! ❤️ Thanks for sharing! 👍

  14. The Richards Revealed - TRR says:

    schnapps is such an interesting term. haha.

  15. Gabby's Show says:

    wow! the pool side already got us!💕 we can stay just on the pool all the time.😁😍 we love the window view too. this is the kind of place to go to for a vacation in the city!💖 great video! big like from us!😍🥰

  16. Chad and Willow's Adventures says:

    the view is soo beautiful! these are the kind of resorts we would love to go to! we will definitely be keeping this in mind if we travel there! thanks for sharing guys!

  17. The Amazing Ella says:

    Looks like a great resort, with a really bright and spacious feel. Looks like there’s lots to offer, you wouldn’t guess it’s one of the cheaper options. Love the room! The view over the pool was gorgeous ❤️

  18. Mombie- rella says:

    Love the old-school beach theme. Great look to this Resort. And Not a bad distance from Universal is always good. Put you right in the middle of the action and theme parks. Love it 👍

  19. Jeniffer from The Adventures of Ean and Sean says:

    What an amazing hotel! love everything about it! the family really had a blast! so awesome that is so close to Universal! Big like!

  20. Jeniffer from Adv. Ean and Sean says:

    Gorgeous! love it! that drink looks delish! Big like 9!

  21. The Adventures of Ean and Sean says:

    Wow! So beautiful! Love the colors! Looks fresh and new! ❤️ They have a big gift shop too! Love the room with a view and the pool looks awesome too! You guys had an an amazing time there! Love that I can finally see your face! 😘❤️ Big like as always! Beautiful video! ❤️

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