Empties – May 2019

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  1. Cortez_jk Vlogs says:

    I've heard good stuff about Paula's Choice. Tfs =)

  2. sylviab9023 says:

    Well I didnt think you went a million miles a minute. I actually sped up the speed of the video….LOL…. to get through it quick. It was good. You talked briefly about each product. Great job for a busy mommy!

  3. jo_ v80 says:

    I don't think your had too much stuff so I'd say, same amount of stuff, same amount of talking about them 🙂

  4. jo_ v80 says:

    I'm using the Rapid Lash xl now too. The Eyelure worked better for me but it's $50 more, I'm satisfied with the Rapid Lash so I'm sticking with it!

  5. Kim Bishop says:

    Love it

  6. SaucerJess says:

    More empties less talk about each one. Try using a poll in the video if you want an aggregate of our responses 💚

  7. SaucerJess says:


  8. Margie Louise says:

    You might want to try a aha body moisturizer. That way you don’t have to scrub on shower:). Eucerin renewing body lotion is great. They have a light one you might like.

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