Elizabeth May on the campaign trail | Day 29

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May makes an announcement about Quebec culture in Montreal.

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  1. Shane Kent says:

    Lefties create problems so they don't have to spend money fixing real problems. Clean the oceans and get dumped / abandoned pets off the streets of Canada would be a good start. Guess it would be hard for them to scam money if actual work had to get done!

  2. IsBoR says:

    this party leader is a real joke, she looks like a green hippie rabbit

  3. Paddy Jordan says:

    Elizabeth May you are rock solid. Balanced, thoughtful and would make our country a better place. The only other candidate that has any credibility is Singh, but he lacks experience. Please update your you tube channel with highlight clips from the campaign.

  4. Shane Blank says:

    I’m voting green. I hope all the conservatives lose this election can’t wait to see them cry in the streets

  5. Rod Buck says:

    Anyone else notice the fact that the vile and corrupt CBC channel had disabled comments on the Judy Sgro story about black People loving Trudeau even more because of the black face scandal??
    Then she had to furiously backpeddle and dream up some BS to cover her stupidity.Can you imagine the comments on this story ?That’s why they disabled comments to protect Sock boy from further damage!Unbelievable favouritism!

  6. Harry Canary says:

    E. May. A Doltosaurus and a jabbering Dunce-o-matic. Whats new in science?

  7. Isabel Officiel says:


  8. Jaymen Janssens says:

    Québécois greens seem more comfortable taking the mic from May than others in this series.

  9. Reginald Oswald says:

    I used to be proud of the CBC. You're nothing but corrupt dogs. #DefundtheCBC

  10. Grant Gauchier says:

    Boring! Someone give her a vodka.

  11. Irregardless _ says:

    It's really nice to see politicians that sincerely believe in what they are putting forward.

  12. Nagato Sarutobi says:

    I will not vote for her solely on the fact she is born in America. I feel you should be a born Canadian to run for PM.

  13. RIGHT POWER says:

    Have her come to Montreal and offer FREE POUTINES ⚜️ 🍽 ⚜️  in exchange for votes and she will still lose this election 🤪

  14. s b says:

    so very romantic!! vive le canada!!

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