ECB Review May Reset Inflation Target in Upcoming Review of Strategy

Nov.28 — European Central Bank policy makers expect to tweak their inflation target in an upcoming review of their strategy but will struggle to go much further than that, according to officials with knowledge of the matter. Huw van Steenis, senior adviser at UBS, and Christian Schulz, economics team director at Citigroup, discuss the challenges facing ECB President Christine Lagarde. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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  1. Sk4nd4l says:

    Lagarde is a criminal, why are people legitimizing her?

  2. Joan Tron says:


  3. Geronimo1969 says:

    Nettes Kasperle Theater. Man könnte sich bei der nächsten Veranstaltung eine Rote Nase aufsetzen und lustige Laute dazu machen, dann wäre es noch unterhaltsamer. Aber so geht es auch, wenn man nur den Regler für die Lautstärke komplett nach links schiebt.

  4. fortune ntshangase says:

    That witch belong in jail

  5. Justin says:

    ECB is evil

  6. sativa shiva says:

    She is a felon.

  7. Bob Marshel says:

    I wonder if she thinks she is fooling any one
    …update on 21 missing trillion 4 days ago

  8. Paul Haylor says:

    Greed Domestic Product will be replaced by making all of us into commodities forcing a perpetual spiral of debt, the American market is hoping its public will go into a spending frenzy this weekend and throughout December hoping the frenzy will keep its market afloat, fortunately this model will not apply to the European market.

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