Earth Song (Michael Jackson) – Minecraft


  1. El Rey Del Pop says:


  2. snoopzy says:

    HOLY COWS I love this song SO MUCH…we miss you michael…you may now…Rest in peace..
    😔💕💕love ya..

  3. Jecison mano says:


  4. Samuil Iliev says:

    Michael has told us the sad truth! Let's make that change! Let's make the world a better place with love, peace, faith and positive energy! ❤✌🌍

  5. Exposion says:

    Rosas são vermelhas
    Violetas são azuis
    Se tu e a porra de um br
    pq o video n seu pau no cu?

  6. madwelch says:

    Heal the world 🌍 was the wrong skin it was smooth criminal 😅😅😅

  7. /AppleHead says:

    Hmm… why did i cry by this? Oh, that’s because Michael’s beautiful voice and the amazing video! I know i am late, but yeah. Thanks for the video🌻 I would love if you did more of these💞

  8. [SEM NOME] says:

    cuidem da terra!

  9. You're_doing_Morphine! says:

    oMG I LOVE THIS SONG!! Long live the King of Pop (I need that skin btw or a female version of it 😂) ❣️
    1 like = 1 Prayer for the Earth and Michael Jackson

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