4 thoughts on “Driverless cars may be the hardest thing humanity has tried to do, says analyst

  1. Re-populating the earth after a comet strike or a flood of biblical proportions… that would be the hardest thing mankind will achieve. Driverless cars huh? What happens when 3 high school nerds decide to hack cars???? Then what???

  2. there is no software now or ever than can accomodate the infinite randomness of city driving in worst case weather. this is just a pump hump and dump for chump investors. laptop computers fail routinely.

  3. This is a auto analyst. He has no idea how software and AI create autonomous driving. This is why Tesla is undervalued, they use the wrong analysts to value the company lmao.

  4. I don’t expect to ever trust a car operating completely on its own, with me in it, in my lifetime! #NotGoingToHappen We’re not as smart as we think we are!

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